Tile Style

I couldn’t help it.  I just couldn’t resist testing out the new tile on the old temporary bathroom vanity.  Check it out with tile style take numero uno:

In reality the tile has a bit more blue-ish, green-ish tint than in the pics.  The camera flash washed the color out a little bit.  I love how there’s just an oh so subtle color so it’s still a neutral in our oh so bright bathroom.  Here’s take numero dos:

I absolutely cannot wait until we can build the real vanity.  Hint hint Colby.  Just kidding, we still have PLENTY of other projects going on, like, ummmm, the drywall sanding perhaps.  Le sigh!  Here’s take number three of the tile, this time a close up:

So pretty!  Side note, it looks like Colby’s toothbrush is kissing my toothbrush on the cheek!  Such a sweet toothbrush!


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