I Wanna Stoop Baby

Here I go, here I go, here I go again, girls what’s my weakness?!  Stools!  Okay then!  What?!  Can’t a girl start a blog post with a little Salt ‘n Peppa circa 1992 around here?!  Oh well I tried.  Instead, we’re gonna talk about stools.  Just to clarify, the ones that you sit on not the….never mind…I’m not going to go there.  Anyway, I’ve got stools on the brain these days, stools for the new office/Etsy workspace.  Even though the beefy work desk in the former guest room/soon to be an Etsy office isn’t finished (it still needs to be stained and polyed) I’m already thinking about the work stools that I want to butt up under it.  Here’s a shot of the work desk actually being used as a work desk so you have a smidge of an idea of what I’m talking about.

Beefy Desk In Use

Just because a desk needs to be finished doesn’t mean I can’t use it right?!  I’m actually kind of glad that I’ve been using my desk because I’m learning a few things about what I need and want for my work space as I’m working at it.  For instance, I’ve learned that I’m a perpetual stander/edge of my seat worker.  And that I really need to divide my work space into two zones…one for packaging shipments and one for creating.  Thankfully, we built the desk in two zones, divided by that post in the middle.  So what I really need next for my space (after finishing the desk of course) is a pair of stools.

I’ve been thinking about the stools since before we even built the desk, mostly because I was worried that having a higher work surface (the desk is 36″ off the ground) would make it difficult to find proper seating.  I had a blonde moment (even though I’m a brunette) and then realized that…duh…counter height stools would be perfect.  Nobody says “duh” anymore…I’m bringing it back.  So without further ado, here are Angie’s dream industrial stools.

Boy do I love a good industrial stool!

Now here is the scary part of the post where I let you into my mind to see what I’m thinking.  First, if money weren’t an option, I would pick Ms. Endure in a heart beat.  But alas, she is the most expensive choice of them all.  Now if only I were independently wealthy….I’ll work on that.  So that probably means Chris is out too.  Since I need two stools, spending $300 isn’t necessarily my idea of a good time.  I have other important things to spend my money on…like ice cream and beer.  So that narrows it down to Diesel and Martin.  I love them both and it’s like picking a favorite child (not that I really know what that would be like since we only have Goose…and he is PLENTY).  I’m liking the all metal of Diesel since there’s so much wood going on in the room already (the trim, the floor, the desk) but Martin is so budget friendly!  It helps that I’m a RedCard carrying member of the Target club and receive an extra 5% off my purchase AND free shipping.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m having a heck of a time trying to choose just the right stool.  I like them all!  I really do!  Some days I’m jonesing over Diesel…other days it’s Martin.  I’m hoping to make a decision and order a pair of stools this weekend…any thoughts?!  Which one do you like?!  I can totally be swayed in these decisions…maybe it’s because I change my mind eighteen gazillion times and then pick something way out from left field in the end.  Watch me find a pair of stools at a flea market this weekend and paint them pink!  That’s precisely what will happen…I can see it now.

Pssst…Okay guys, I’m serious!  Tell me your favorite stool!  Is it Martin?!  I’m thinking it should be Martin.  Or if you think I should try something else.  Why are decorating decisions so difficult to make?!  Scratch that…why are decisions in general so difficult for ME to make?!


    1. Oooooh…I never even thought about World Market! Thanks for the tip! I might have to wait it out until the Fourth and see if I can score anything there!!

  1. So I like the Diesel because I think the foot bar is in a better location, the other one is way to high. Also it looks like you have more room to go up or down on the diesel rather than the one from target. So Colby or other people can adjust accordingly. Just my two cents 🙂 Good luck!

    1. Oooh…that’s a good point. I didn’t even think about height adjustment for Colby vs. myself. Ooops! Thanks for the tip, Beth!!

  2. I like diesel better too just bc of the foot bar on it. I’m a “I need to have my feet up on the chair” kind of person…but go with your gut and what you love 🙂

    1. Ooooh…that’s a good point. Thanks! I’m totally a feet up person too and you’re right, the Diesel bar does look like it’s in the perfect feet up spot!

  3. I really like the look of Martin, but the comments about the foot bar and the adjustable options of diesel make a lot of sense….here’s hoping for a couple of flea market finds! Then your dilemma will be resolved!

    1. Ugh…I’m so torn between the two! And I’m REALLY hoping the flea market solves my dilemma. So far, no stool finds but I’m giving it one more weekend of browsing…fingers crossed!! And I’m totally with you…Martin is adorable!

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