New Etsy Shop Product: Rustic Wood Cookbook Stands

This just in…the Roostic Etsy shop has a new product…I repeat…the Roostic Etsy shop has a new product.  It’s being reported to us that the shop has expanded and now includes not only rustic wood iPad stands, but also…wait for it…rustic wood cookbook stands.  This breaking news is being brought to you live from Angie and Colby’s living room.

Rustic Wood Cookbook Stand On Etsy

When we first started the Etsy shop, we anticipated bringing a new product to you every week and posting some info about it here on the blog as a little bit of shameless self promotion.  Seriously…I have no shame.  But that’s when I was striving for four sales per week, which at the time I thought was a lofty goal.  Instead…we were blessed with an average of four sales a day!  Not that I’m complaining or anything, it just means that our poor research and development department has gotten sidetracked and found itself filling in on the production line for a few weeks.  Have I mentioned we’re a two man shop?!  But we’re catching up on orders and recently launched a new cookbook stand in the shop.

Rustic Wood Cookbook Stand On Etsy

The cookbook stands (so far) aren’t nearly as hot of an item as the iPad stands but were still popular enough for us to sell out of them last week…ironically on the day I had originally planned this post.  How dare that cookbook stand sell out!

The cookbook stand is almost identical to the iPad stand except for a few notable items.  Mostly, it’s bigger.  The stand itself is a few inches taller so it can easily hold a beefier cookbook.  And the bottom lip of the stand is a whole lot deeper.  So deep that it comfortably holds the Julia Child cookbook like a boss. That 700+ page cookbook is like the litmus test for a good cookbook stand.  If it holds the Julia Child cookbook….it can hold anything!

Rustic Wood Cookbook Stand On Etsy

The other noticeable difference to the cookbook stand over the iPad stand is the bottom lip.  It’s a bit shorter and more low profile than the iPad stand lip, meaning it won’t cover up the important bottom-of-the-page words in your recipe (which was a problem Colby and I were noticing when we were using our iPad stand to hold cookbooks).  Now, with the lower profile lip, we won’t be pulling a Rachel and the “trifle” incident (you know…Rachel…on the TV show Friends…when she made the truffle and two of the pages from the cookbook were stuck together…so it was half truffle and half shepherd’s pie…and Joey still ate it…ahhhh…the good ol’ days of Friends).

So now that we have flaunted our cookbook stand in front of you, feel free to open up those wallets of yours and fork over the $35 it takes to own one of these.  Too far?  my shame knows no bounds.

Pssst…So I know I promised a Kindle Fire stand soon but I’m having doubts and need your help.  Kindle owners…would you still use a similar stand for your Kindle even though the power button for it is on the bottom?  The powering on/off dilemma has me stuck!!


  1. THANK YOU ANGIE!!! I have been looking what seems forever for a cook book stand and could not find one that I liked. When I can get some extra money together, I will be ordering one from you. I’m so happy that your business has taken off and growing and the sales are numerous. Good luck in your business.

    Love Gram

    1. Pshhh…family money is no good in my shop. I’ll bring you one next time I’m up. Just be sure to tell everyone where you got it and to go buy LOTS of them from us! Haha!

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