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This week has been one of THOSE weeks.  You know the ones.  The oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-believe-I-waited-until-a-few-days-before-quarterly-taxes-are-due-to-work-on-shop-accounting-and-year-end-stuff.  Never again…never again.  Now that I think about it, it’s actually been one of those WEEKS.  An Excel and TurboTax overload kind of week.  But it’s done.  I’ve officially maximized my refund and taxed my brain (pun 100% intended).  So I needed a little relief.  And during one particular taxing section (did it again), I needed a break.  So I turned to art and performed a little switcheroo in the bathroom art department with a brand spanking new print for behind the toilet.

Remember when I was talking about “Intentional” being my word of the year?  And how I “intended” to do something different for above toilet art in the bathroom?  Well folks, this is more like what I had in mind.

And for refresher’s sake, this is what we had hanging above the toilet before…trivets.  I liked them…I just didn’t LOVE them.

Anywho, no sooner did I write my little post about being intentional, in both life and in general, and decorating our home, I hopped on that trusty laptop of mine to a site I’m all too familiar with and purchased a print I have been drooling over for months.

The print hails from a little shop called Laura Amiss located in the Netherlands and was relatively inexpensive art clocking in at $20 (broken down at $14 for the print and $6 for shipping).

No sooner did the print arrive, than I hopped in the truck and hurried my little butt over to Target to pick out a basic, white, $16 frame for my new art.  Like I needed an excuse to go to Target.  The truck is pretty much on autopilot once I get behind the wheel.  He’s all “must…go…to Target” which, for the record, I’m envisioning in a robot voice with human intonation like Rosie’s voice in The Jetsons.

One screw loose in the wall later and we had an updated toilet nook.

EXACTLY what I had intended, I love how the larger print/frame combo is so much more substantial than the previous four trivets.  Having one larger piece helps ground the nook and prevents it from looking too busy with four pieces on the wall behind the toilet combined with objects on the back of the toilet.  Another view from the vanity area where you can just get a slight peak of the print:

Nothing like hanging a little art for a therapeutic yay-I-finished-our-taxes moment!  Now I’m itching to do a little more noodling around in the bathroom.  Mind out of the gutter people.  I’m talking about possibly chalk painting the old, wood frame to the right of the print.  Or maybe craft up some Valentine’s Day art since it’s the one day a year I can get away with pink glitter in our home.  Ooooh….ooooh…GLITTER!

Pssst…Any big weekend plans for you guys and gals out there?  I’ve got a couple of craft projects that I’m dying to work on, along with a couple of other bathroom refreshes.  That is if I can get the other half of Casa Campbell on board.


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