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Badda bling, badda boom!  The first (pink) glittery, Valentine’s Day crafty project is in the books.  Love!  Literally…in the form of a some gold and pink glittery “XO” letters which are currently hanging out on our bedroom dressers.

This past Saturday I had the house to myself thanks to Colby having to “do business” at a Bruins game in Boston.  The perks of being a salesman.  It’s a tough life.  So that left me to my own devices.  Never a good thing.  So I let down my hair, poured a glass (or bottle) of wine, and whipped out the glitter jar.  Yes…you heard me correctly…I said glitter jar.

There was way too much dust on the glitter jar.  Both literally and figuratively.  Time to rectify.  Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I thought a little lovey dovey art would be appropriate.  Valentine’s Day is pretty much my favorite holiday since it’s the one time a year that I can get away with massive amounts of pink glitter.  The remaining 51 weeks of the year we spend vacuuming up said pink glitter.  So I picked up a couple of cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby, on sale for about $1.50 each, and went to town.

I envisioned two toned letters: gold metallic letters with a pink glittery front.  I already had the gold metallic paint on hand, leftover from a Christmas craft project of yore, and I picked out the most complementary pink glitter I had in my collection.  Both the paint and the glitter are from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics from the Martha Stewart craft line.  And FYI…Jo-Ann’s currently has the 24 pack of Martha glitter on clearance for only $9!  Super score!

Then it was a matter of slapping on a couple coats of the gold, metallic paint using a basic craft brush.

Then slathering on some glue and covering the fronts of the letters with the glitter.  It totally helps to lay down a nice large piece of parchment paper or wax paper underneath your glittering project.  The glitter doesn’t stick to the parchment at all…like at all at all.  And it’s easy to roll up and make a funnel of sorts to pour the excess glitter back into the jar.

In total, this little project only took about 20 minutes of both active time and dry time.  I shook off any excess glitter to prevent Colby and I sporting “strip club face” and then propped the letters on top of our bedroom dressers for a little festive love art in our master bedroom.

One more shot for the cheap seats in the back.

Love, love, LOVE!  Even Colby likes it.  So the moral of this whole story is when the husband is away, the wife breaks out the pink glitter!

And for the record, this was one of 4.6 million projects that I tackled this weekend.  Not really…more like 4.6 million minus 4,599,994 projects.  My point…it was a majorly awesome project tackling weekend and I can’t wait to show you some of the other little and BIG things that got done around these parts.  There was stenciling, furniture painting, more furniture painting, and even some art making.  I may have been bored without Colby here to entertain.  So c’mon back now ya hear!  No idea where that came from.

Pssst…Any Valentine’s Day craftiness going on in your neck of the woods?  Or glittering projects?  Do share!!!

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  1. Love the pink/gold combo Angie! And PLEASE don’t stop blogging (re: your recent post about being more intentional) ! I read every single post and would miss them so if you stopped. I don’t always comment but I always read. You are too funny to stop blogging and I love your projects and reading about your home improvement shenanigans. I like that egg holder-thing too on your dresser there…are you using that for jewelry?

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