Introducing Goose

Actually, his name is Gustav Flounder Campovich (poor dog) but we’ll just call him Goose.  Colby and I drove down to New Hampshire yesterday to pick up our new puppy at a PETS pick up location.  Goose came to us all the way from Arkansas.  The organization we adopted him from was amazing.  They’re so great that Animal Planet is making a television show about it called Last Chance Highway.   Check out some info about it here: The show debuted last night and we were sure to watch it.  Our dog may actually be a television star!  Goose is awesome!  Not only is he the cutest dog ever, but he’s got so much energy.  He’s constantly running around and unfortunately jumping too, but we’re on that, trying to train him that jumping is not cool.  So far we’ve discovered that he does not like to sleep or lay down (ever) and that he’s scared of fire hydrants and bird dog training dummies.  Yes, that’s right, Colby’s bird dog is afraid of fake birds.  This should make training super fun for him!  Here are some pics of Goose as well as his brother Coaster, who was adopted by a family in Portland.

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