Girls With Crow Bars

While Jen and Eric were up visiting we had a few projects in mind to tackle, none of which included a kitchen renovation.  It was one of the only rooms that wasn’t in the middle of being renovated and we had intended to keep it that way, mostly for our sanity.  What began with some innocent wallpaper peeling quickly turned into girls wielding crow bars.  Jen I tackled the kitchen.  We peeled off all the wallpaper and even took down all the paneling with our crow bars.  All without male supervision.  The walls were in impeccable condition underneath and all they needed was a little mudding love.  The boys picked up some mud and went to town skim coating the walls.  I have to admit…I was freaking out just a bit when we started tearing into the kitchen but it looks sooooooo much better after all that dark, icky paneling was removed.  Now I just have to pick out my new wall color.  Hmmm….mint green perhaps?

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