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Let’s just set the record straight…me and Pottery Barn are like peanut butter and jelly.  But Pottery Barn is like the expensive, organic peanut butter and jelly rather than the generic, cheap stuff that I tend to gravitate to.  I’m not sure where I’m going with that.  My point…I love Pottery Barn (it was one of two places we set up a wedding registry last year) but I hate the prices.  Sometimes I splurge for the Pottery Barn stuff, sometimes I find cheaper versions at flea markets or at Target, and sometimes I DIY it.  Enter our little Pottery Barn iPad stand knockoff.

No joke, the Pottery Barn iPad stand cost a whopping $35 and our version barely even cost us $5 to make (read the how-to tutorial here).  We bought a $5 piece of 9-1/4″ x 4′ pine from a local lumber yard and only used about 14″ of it.  The rest of the materials used to make this beauty were all repurposed from other projects (stain, poly, jute, an old hinge, etc.).

Kitchen iPad Stand

I’ve been in love with this Pottery Barn iPad stand since it came out about a month or so ago.  I loved it so much that I added it to our registry.  Granted, our wedding is over but if I add something to our registry and later purchase it, I can take 10% off the purchase when I buy it thanks to Pottery Barn’s registry completion program.

I had every intention of purchasing this with a Pottery Barn gift card that we received for our wedding.  I showed it to Colby and asked him if he liked it and would use it, since we tend to pull up allrecipes.com on the iPad while we cook, and he said, “oh…we can build that easy…and for cheap.”  My kind of man!  I think I love him even more!

So we built it and we’re already using it.

Kitchen iPad Stand

Not to brag or anything, but I think we did a pretty good job.  From the shape, rustic charm, and the rope…errr…jute loop on it, we nailed it.  The only piece we weren’t sure whether or not we did right was the back.  Mostly because we couldn’t find a picture of the back of the thing.  But we improvised with a thin piece of wood, some jute, an old hinge and a staple.

Kitchen iPad Stand

I really wanted to use a piece of rope for the hook, like Pottery Barn did, but the only rope I had on hand was a bit too big to serve this purpose so I went with the jute I already had instead of buying a new roll of rope and only use about 8″ of it.

Kitchen iPad Stand Jute Hook

Regardless, the iPad stand is fitting in just fine.  It currently lives on the kitchen counter between the stove and the utensils.  It’s the perfect spot for it while it’s in use.  But I’m thinking of hanging it on one of the walls in the kitchen or on the side of the cabinets when it’s not in use.

Kitchen iPad Stand

As for the how-to, I’ll have a full blown “how to make this in your home workshop” post put together for you tomorrow (read it here).  I was going to do it tonight but it contains 37 pictures, that I’m still sorting through, and a lot of little steps and measurements.  But it is easy to make, trust me.  The tutorial and accompanying 37 pictures will be tossed at you tomorrow for your reading enjoyment, or for anyone who wants to make their own $5 iPad stand for the kitchen.


    1. Success! Thank you! Apparently if our day jobs don’t work out, we’ve found our calling in life as Pottery Barn knock-off-ers. Thanks so much for the comment, it made my day!

  1. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing it at our link party! You should definitely send this over to Knock Off Decor – I’ll bet it would totally get featured! I would LOVE one of these!!

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