I’ve Got 99 Problems But Our Floor Ain’t One

It’s official…we have new kitchen floor in the houszzzz!  Be prepared…we’ve got about a gazillion and a half pictures of the new kitchen floor prepared for your viewing pleasure.  Lucky for you we’ve decided to share only 11 of those pictures.

Isn’t she pretty?  So gorgeous!  I can’t stop gushing about the amazingness formally known as our new, laminate kitchen floor.

I can’t get over how much I love it.  But honestly, all I can see now are all the other wonky, crazy, need to be fixed items.  We could probably name 99 problems just in the kitchen but the floor definitely ain’t one.  Like in the pic below…I can’t wait to trade in the old china hutch and microwave stand combo for some built in shelves.

Here’s a view of the kitchen as you’re looking into the entry, which has real wood, wide pine floors.

The color and tone is pretty similar but you can definitely see the difference!  The real wood is full of knots and character while the laminate floor is pretty consistent.  Here’s my favorite shot of the new kitchen floor.

I swear the new floor makes the room feel larger, and more open.  And cleaner…it’s definitely cleaner.  But maybe that’s because the old vinyl floor easily camouflaged cucumbers, pickles, and select vegetable greens when dropped to the floor.  Now we can see our mess and promptly pick it up.  Here’s a view of the kitchen from the entry, looking towards the new, but yet to be finished closet and the old time warp of a laundry room.

Oh yes, we can’t forget the time warp laundry room with it’s circa 1988 washer and dryer and corresponding metal cabinetry.

I would say just shut the door and forget about the room but the door doesn’t close anymore.  It drags on the new floor.  But we have big plans for a total laundry room makeover someday soon, including new energy efficient appliances.  So until then we’ll just close the proverbial door on the laundry room.  Here’s a view of the kitchen looking towards the dining room.

And another view of the cabinetry area.

We’re still very much in need of trim in this room…and a toe kick…definitely need a new toe kick, to replace the old rubbery one Colby ripped out.

We did however start installing the trim, in Goose’s dog bed area (note the area of the wall that Goose has been eating…silly dog…since he can no longer chew on the floor he has turned to walls).

What do you think?!  Is she like the Miss America to our previous ugly duckling?!  I sure think so!  I can’t stop staring at it.  Every time I come into the kitchen it takes me a few minutes to divert my eyes from their permanent fixation on the flooring.  I just can’t help it.  It’s just sooooo much better than what it used to be like.  Shall I remind you?  Sure.

Ohhhh…that’s some serious ugly!

Our to-do list to finish phase 1 of the kitchen makeover is extremely long and it keeps growing.  After finishing the floor here’s what it looks like:

  • Prime and paint the closet
  • Install a closet organization system
  • Add closet doors
  • Finish painting all the window trim (yup…started this two years ago and still haven’t finished)
  • Skim coat ceiling and paint it
  • Replace ceiling fan with rustic light fixture
  • Replace fluorescent light with a more modern upgrade
  • Completely re-do the laundry room
  • Find a table/chairs set for a breakfast nook
  • Build storage benches for the patch between the entry and the coat closet
  • Build in the fridge and a china cabinet
  • Organize, organize, organize!
  • Paint the whole kitchen (I love its current mint color but I chose that color basically by throwing darts at a color wheel…maybe continuing the gray from the rest of the house would be a smarter choice)

So many things to do…so little time.  But I do enjoy chipping away at it all, one project at a time.  It’s all about the journey, and sharing it with you all, rather than the destination.  Although the destination is pretty awesome too!  So this concludes our little kitchen flooring reveal!  What do you think?!  Awesome plus one?!  Or more like awesome plus a bajillion?!

Pssst…Check out our laminate flooring installation guide back here.


  1. That is a crazy transformation! Even though its laminate, it matches the real pine color exactly (except for the knots) How does Goose like it? Its supposed to be more scratch-resistant than wood, which I’m sure you know about with what started happening to your maple (sad face).

    The room looks so much bigger and the wall color pops even more, its amazing, don’t change it! And even though you don’t like the red hutch, i love it, its like a funky aqua/red color scheme going on (the girl at Russet Street Reno has a lot of Aqua and red rooms like her kitchen and bedroom to give you an idea of what i mean)

    I give this an A+. It will look even more amazing once the closet is done too! This has me itching to buy laminate now lol.

    1. Sooooo…I’ve been cruising Russet Street Reno all evening….LOVE IT! Thanks so much for the tip! She has such great style and I like her color choices. And it’s official…the mint shall stay!

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