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Kitchen Light Project…Check

So…remember a few days ago when I posted this picture?

And I assured you that everything would turn out okay?  And that Colby knew what he was doing?

Well…more on that as the story unfolds.  This past Saturday, the painter finally finished her amazingly awesome work on painting the new section above the sink.  Scratch that, it really wasn’t my best work but who will ever notice other than me?  Please don’t notice, please don’t notice, please don’t notice!  No sooner had I finished putting the last coat of paint on the trim and Colby was already swooping in to electricalize (it’s a word…I swear) the area and install the new lights, purchased last week with my Lowes coupons.  I stayed out of his way (it’s really best for our relationship) and let him do his thing while I got my study on (just three more weeks until graduation…woooohooooo!!!).  Colby got about this far:

And then had to send me to Lowes to pick up light bulbs for the lights.  Apparently there’s such a thing as candelabra light bulbs which were the ones we needed.  They have slightly smaller bases than your everyday, average 60 watt-er.  So off to Lowes I went, found a six pack of light bulbs…score!  That’s exactly the number I needed!  Feeling lucky, I rolled on home to deliver the goods, along with a milkshake for the electrician.  After all, he does work so hard!  In went the light bulbs up went the glass casing, and then it was time for the moment of truth…the light switch flick.  And what did we get?  Nothing.  No light came out of the light fixtures.  But they did look pretty!  See:

The uh-oh panic mode started to set in.  Would we have to rip things down and start over?!  Did we get faulty lights and have to take them back?!  Did we even remember to flip the breaker back on?!  The electrician took the lights down and double checked the electricalizing diagram, more affectionately known as the game plan:

Turns out the wires never got connected to the power source.  Phew!  No need to demo the kitchen yet again.  And let there be light:

The wattage is a little bright.  I probably should have chose the 40 watt instead of the 60 watt.  I’ll switch those out this weekend.  But until then, all are welcome to come visit and get their tan on in our kitchen.  Just make sure you bring your shades!  In the end, I’m overly excited with how the light makeover turned out.  It’s so much better than I expected thanks to Colby’s creativity (who would have thunk it…I thought that was my department?!).  The farmhouse style was what I was going for with the fixtures but it turned out a little less rustic and a little more high end.  Nice work.

Oh…and Goose says hi!

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