Kris Kross Will Make You “Flop Flop”

Now that we’ve established that not only will Kris Kross make you “jump jump”, but also “flop flop”, I think we can get along with today’s oh-so-riveting (note the sarcasm) blog post about table flopping.  But before we start, a show of hands, how many of you now have that dang Kris Kross song stuck in your hand?!  Muah ha ha ha ha!  My evil work is done.

Some of you may have noticed in some of the recent blog posts about our kitchen that our dining room and kitchen tables have performed a little flopping around.  Like a fish out of water kind of flopping around.  Case in point…the previous dining room table and the new-to-the-dining-room table that was living in our kitchen:

And here’s the kitchen table when it was in fact in our kitchen (also about 8 million kitchen projects ago):

And now with the previously in-the-dining-room-table that’s now in the kitchen:

I think it was New Year’s Eve, Colby and I were hanging out in the kitchen getting ready to blow this taco stand…I mean…house….and head out for our annual New Year’s Eve date night.  (Random side note…Colby and I officially started dating on New Year’s Day five years ago after meeting the good ol’ fashioned American way…at a bar.  We go back to this bar, the Sea Dog in Bangor, every year on New Year’s Eve and even request the table that we met at.  It’s our little thing.)  Somehow the topic of the kitchen/dining room tables came up and we started messing with the idea of switching them around.  All of a sudden I’m silent, which NEVER happens, and Colby looks at me and says “You want to move them now, don’t you?!”  Oh, dear husband you know me too well!  So we flopped them.  And I have to say, I’m particularly loving the new dining room setup.

So why did we flop the tables around?!  Trajectories dear Watson!  Trajectories!  Actually, it’s mostly about choosing the path of least resistance.  When the brown table was in the dining room, it was much rounder so we had to walk more around the table to go down the hall from the kitchen.  Now it’s a much straighter path.  Even straighter for Goose who just tromps right down the middle of the table…underneath it of course.

Same situation in the kitchen.  When the white table was in the kitchen it was more rectangular and didn’t quite fit the little breakfast nook.  But when we moved in the rounder, brown table it fit like a glove and I…I mean…the laundry fairy could get to the laundry room MUCH easier!

It was one of those “duh” moments that I wish we had thought of sooner.  We’ve lived with them like this for a couple of months and have no table-flopping remorse.  Although, now that they’re flopped I’m super jonesing to paint either the brown chairs or the brown table or both to break up the overt brown-ness of the kitchen.  But the new dining room table…me-ow!!  I’m digging it.  Especially from this angle in the kitchen, where you get a snippet of that exposed wood wall along with the white, curvaceous table:

Feel free to ignore those mismatched ladder-back chairs.  I had spray-painted one as a desk chair back in the day but not a match.  Then later decided to use them both…together…as dining chairs.  Then I missed out on spray painting the second chair during the three-week window of spray painting season here in Maine (which is wedged between mud season and black fly season).  So I have a brown chair.  But I’m thinking of painting both chairs a bright new color.  Yellow perhaps?!  Green?!  The color wheel is my oyster!

Pssst…For the record, I’ll be spending the rest of the day reminiscing while listening to 90s hip hop on Pandora, breaking out my acid-washed jeans, and responding to Goose’s complaints with “as if.”


  1. I LOL’d all the way through this. Now I have “Kris Kross will you make you jump, jump” in my head for the remainder of the day. Thank you, Angie. I especially had to laugh when you told Colby you wanted to switch the tables. I do this all the time, unfortunately for my husband my switcheroos are more permanent and damaging because I always want to change around things on the walls. Tell Colby he should be so happy to move around a couple of tables. Anywho, the change was a great idea, I can see how the tables fit much better in their new rooms. Funny how such little changes can make such a huge difference! As for all the “brownness” of the kitchen, I say keep the table brown and paint the chairs.

  2. How about a darker shade of blue for the chairs to tie in the cellar door? Then how about yellow accent pieces and some new curtains to tie all the colors together? You could even bring in some of the green from the kitchen into the dining room. Ohhhhh, the creative juices are flowing! Love the change in the tables. The lighter color seems to make the room larger.

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