Landing Makeover Plan And Trim Painting For Days

We’re back this evening with a little One Room Challenge update on our landing makeover.  I sat down earlier this week to plan out the space.  I love doing mood boards for a room before I start working on them because every time I do one it reveals something I didn’t think about and usually I veer off in another direction.  Naturally, that happened while planning out the landing space.  I had originally wanted to turn the space into a reading nook, simply trimming out and painting the existing bookcase and adding a cozy chair.  Well, when the tape measure came out the original landing plan went out the window.  Conveniently, there’s a window in the landing to throw the plan out of!  A big ol’ cozy chair wouldn’t fit in the space with the existing bookcase.  It would have blocked doors and a hallway.  So enter the new landing plan:

Landing Makeover Mood Board

Sources: Some Things Take Time print | Buffalo Print Flag | Moose Bark Print | Good Vibes Print | Beer Varieties Print | Black Vase | Yellow Vase | Record Player | Chair | Curtain | Rug | Disco Ball | Light Blue Pillow | Multi Colored Pillow | Music Stand | Bose Speakers | Cabinet

Yes, we’re turning the landing space into a little music area.  For those of you who are new to the blog (HI! So glad you’re here!), Colby is a mad guitar player.  Yes, baby you’ve got skills so don’t deny it, even though your best song is a serenade to Goose (the dog) and not me, I still stand behind your musical talent.

We have three goals in this space.  One, create a record playing zone by building a rustic cabinet to hold our ever-growing record collection and the record player Colby gave me for my birthday.  We’ll also bring in Colby’s vintage Bose speakers.  Two, create a guitar-playing zone for Colby.  His needs are pretty simple.  A music stand and a chair or stool to play on.  I like the yellow chair, but it may just be a pipe dream as I’m pretty sure that won’t fit in the space either.  Stool it is!  And three, paint everything!

Our house, both interior and exterior, is in desperate need of a paint job.  We’ve already spent a small fortune on exterior paint and we’re well on our way to equaling that on the interior.  For this project, we’re planning to paint everything Benjamin Moore’s white dove using a satin finish for the walls and ceiling and semi-gloss for everything else.  So far I’m feeling a little (okay a lot) behind the eight ball on this part of the project as all I have done is paint doors, trim, and windows and I’m still not done!

Built In Bookcase Cleared Off And Ready To Be Removed

I had originally planned to post about our painted landing space tonight…painted doors, painted trim, painted windows, painted ceiling, and painted walls.  But you see, I kind of went down the painting rabbit hole and decided while I was at it I should probably paint the staircase trim, front entry trim, and entry doors as well.  And by entry doors I mean the doors to the adjacent rooms that were already painted a cream color…not the old natural wood double doors…don’t worry…the natural wood doors stay.  Needless to say, I’m a gallon into trim painting and haven’t even started on the wall painting.

Trim Painting In The Staircase

But in my defense, that includes two coats of glossy white paint on two windows (18 panes in total), seven doors (SEVEN doors), and all the baseboards and staircase trim.  The glossy white paint is making a world of difference especially when you see the crisp white doors and think of the old creamy, dingy, flaking paint doors that used to be there.  If you squint hard and frame the picture just right, it’s starting to look like a finished space up here.  Minor victory.

Small Rolltop Desk Home Office

That’s my new $15 roll-top desk home office.  It needs a little repair work so I’ll be sharing more about her later…and Salty Pete, our sailor art find.  Note the yellow in Salty Pete’s wardrobe and the continuation of the yellow in the landing mood board.  Color palette continuation.

Small Rolltop Desk Home Office

I’m almost done trim painting so we removed the old bookcase today so I could paint behind that as well.  I’m right on track to finish ALL the painting by the end of the weekend (fingers crossed!) while Colby starts building a rustic wood storage cabinet, hopefully out of old wood we have kicking around the farmhouse.  Wish us luck!

Removing The Built In Bookcase

Check back in with us on next week’s progress and until then, be sure to stalk all the One Room Challenge week 2 progress.

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