Let The Studying Begin

Armed with Lowes gift cards, a few Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, and some serious home project motivation, we finally finished the office and it’s all I dreamed of.  It didn’t take much to finish.  A little trim work here, another coat of poly there, outlet covers, a light fixture, and curtain rod later, the office was an office.  Oh, and Colby installed a new cable line.  He’s really proud of that one and still amazed that it works.  The office is still not quite complete but what room ever is?  I foresee a shelving unit and an art project in the near future.  Time to go study and enjoy the new space!


  1. So pretty Angie! Can you send Colby down to fix up the new apartment Chris & I are getting??

    (Also, when are both of you coming down? We’re getting a 2 bedroom so we’ll have space for guests!)


  2. Angie, when you go to NYC to visit Margot/Chris/Lizz you can leave Gus here with his grandparents.Perhaps a couple days with him will remind me why I really don’t want another dog.

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