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When we last left off on this little dining room refresh saga, I left you with a “to be continued”…and had intended to “continue” last week…my bad!  But here we are today with the aforementioned TBC.  Without further ado, I bring you our freshly painted dining room chairs.

Lime Dining Room Chairs

Hello, lover lime!  I went bold.  Just about as bold as I ever get.  I blame the all too white dining room…and the fact that until recently we had been living with mismatched, one white and one brown, dining room chairs for….oh…three years.  My bad again.

Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

The hue is Lavish Lime by Valspar.  If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug…if you don’t…you should…I’m @angiesroost), you got a sneak peek of the paint and the painting process a week or so ago.  But here’s the whole shebang.  I knew I wanted those two ladder-backed chairs to rock a bold, lime hue.  But I was worried painting one white one and one brown one would look different in the end.  So I painted the brown one white, just to be on the safe matchy-matchy side, before taping up both chairs to spray paint lime.

Taping Dining Room Chairs

The door in the dining room is a light blue shade, Harbor Mist also by Valspar.  I’ve really been digging bright hues these days and have been looking for ways to incorporate more of a variety of tones into our home.  I tend to gravitate to blues.  Occasionally I get a wild hair and rock a green-blue or mint shade.  I know, crazy!  Mamas…lock up your sons!  I knew I wanted a lime-ie color so I took my Harbor Mist paint swatch to Lowes and cruised the lime tones until I found just the right contrast.  Hello Lavish Lime…so nice to meet you…won’t you come home with me?!  Good thing Lavish Lime isn’t bashful!

Lime And Light Blue Paint Combo

Can we take a minute to talk paint sprayers?  A couple of years ago I bought a Graco SprayStation 2900.  You can read my review of it back here.  While I loved the thing the first couple of times I used it, I started getting annoyed with it over time, mostly in the cleanup department.  As a first paint sprayer, I loved it.  But I started not spray painting things with it because I didn’t like having to spray 8 million gallons of water through the sprayer to clean it.  Oh…and it started clogging all the time.  Like ALL THE TIME, all the time.  Enter Home Right’s Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Spray Gun:

Home Right Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

I met the kind folks of Home Right at Haven last year and they offered to send me one of their paint sprayers to try.  I had heard rave reviews on the product and couldn’t wait to try it.  But alas…I live in Maine where spray paint season for us lasts about three months…tops.  So by the time it arrived, it was 40 degrees outside and not conducive to painting.  Boooooo!  Needless to say, I was itching to get outside this summer with the paint sprayer to give it a test.

Spray Painting Chairs Lime With Home Right Paint Sprayer

Can we just say “amaze-balls”!  Is it still cool to say that?  Or have we moved on to some other trendy synonym for amazing?  I’m so behind the times.  I got a great finish with the Home Right sprayer, even with watering down the paint to reach the right viscosity for it.  It didn’t clog…not once.  But my favorite part…cleanup!!!  The whole piece comes apart really simply and easily.  You can wash each piece in the sink (no need to fill up the paint vessel with water to take outside and spray water through it until it’s clean).  Just run water right through the sprayer in the sink while keeping the trigger pulled, like so:

Easy Clean Up With Home Right Paint Sprayer

All the pieces easily came apart (and were put back together) for a simple and effective cleanup.

Easy Clean Up With Home Right Paint Sprayer

And voila…a pair of lime chairs in our dining room.  This is why I wanted to go bold in here with the chair color.  Sun streams through the double window pretty much all day long and our table and chairs used to look washed out in front of it since they were all white.  The neon pops and you no longer lose the chairs in front of the window or in the table.

Gray Wicker Dining Chairs

But I couldn’t stop.  That itchy spray painting trigger finger got the better of me.  After mulling it over on whether or not just the two ladder-backed chairs would be enough lime or if I should REALLY lime up, I decided that the wicker chairs could also use a coat of paint.  And you know…since cleanup with my new Home Right spray gun is so simple…and I had plenty of paint left in that quart I had picked up…

Lime Wicker Dining Chairs

Oh man, do I love those lime chairs!  It did take me a little while to get used to all four being lime.  The first few days after spray painting the wicker chairs I kept telling myself it was a mistake.  You know the bit… “oh the insanity…what was I thinking…lime chairs?!?!…c’mon Angie, you’re better than this….I have ruined my life…now what do I do?!….. Hey….this is kind of cool….ooooh…look how fun the dining room is now….we need pie in here!…stat!!!!”

Lime Dining Room Chairs

So I set the table, made ridiculous amounts of strawberry rhubarb pie (my grandmother’s recipe with rhubarb fresh from the garden), froze a few pies, and gave a pie to the neighbors.  Hashtag…won’t you be my neighbor?  Hashtag…everything I learned I learned from Mr. Rogers.

Serving Pie And Tea In A Refreshed Dining Room

Mmmmm….pie and iced tea.  Something about having a fun, lime-chaired (totally a verb) dining room gave me the compulsive need to set the table and…wait for it….USE the room.  We never used the dining room before.  It was a pass-through.  But now that it’s looking good…tea for two!

Serving Pie And Tea In A Refreshed Dining Room

And while we were noodling around the dining room, we also commandeered the pink mirror from the entryway to replace the chalkboard.  This shot totally makes me think we live in Miami Beach.  At least until February rolls around and it’s 20 below frigid here!

Lime Dining Room Chairs

One more head-on shot so I can prove to you that our dining room chairs are no longer washing out in the sea of massive window light.

Lime Dining Room Chairs

Huzzah!  Now…what shall my itchy spray painting finger tackle next?!

Pssst…In honor of full disclosure, Home Right provided me with a Finish Max paint sprayer free of charge in return for a review.  All opinions of their product are my own.  I love my new paint sprayer…no joke…Home Right is rocking my socks off right now!  Now if we could ever get around to staining our deck I have another product of theirs to try!  Hashtag Maine summers are too short.


    1. Yes!!! Just wait until you see the next funtastic pop going in there….muahahahaha…it may be in the orange family!

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