Live From The Man Cave

It’s Tuesday night!  I normally don’t venture into the basement…it’s man space…no girls allowed.  In fact, I didn’t even take these pictures of the basement.  I sent Colby down to do my dirty work!  Such a good boyfriend…err…fiance.  I’m still not used to that word.  Anywho, it’s about time we got to a little man cave report.  Just because I don’t spend time down in the basement doesn’t mean anything gets done down there.  Au contraire!  Colby works HARD in his basement workshop.  I secretly think he does it to get away from me…or maybe because of all the super awesome tools that are done there.  Like the NEW Milwaukee M18 impact drill driver!  Swoon!  I’m totally channeling Colby there…I don’t feel the same way about tools that he does (to all my work friends out there you didn’t just hear that).  So here’s a current shot of the basement:

I know it doesn’t look that spectacular.  It’s just a basement after all.  But you see where that work bench is?  There used to be a wall there.  And you see the big step up to the other side of the basement/door area?  That used to be level and the floor was all dirt.  Colby has spent some serious time digging and digging and digging and digging.  That’s how he keeps his girl-ish figure.  He don’t need no stinkin’ pilates!  Most of the dirt has ended up in the dirt pile in the other side of the basement:

Serious kudos to Colby for digging down into the dirt floor, installing a drainage/sump pump system, pouring a new concrete floor (he went through 112 eighty pound bags of Quikrete), pouring new footings to support the kitchen above, and leveling the supporting beams out.  He’s amazing!  How about another basement shot showing off the tools:

My favorite part is the charging station that he’s created on the wall above the longer workbench.  I’m so proud!  That’s something I would do!  And note the PBR can on the bench…it’s a true man cave alright!

Pssst…how about you guys?  Any of you have a man cave space in your house?  Is it also in the basement or do you give your main squeeze some main house space?

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