Wedding Wednesday: The Venue

About ten years ago my parents bought a good sized chunk of land up in the county with the aim of building their dream/retirement home.  Ever since the day they called that 35 acre parcel theirs, I knew it was going to be good, even though it was a whole lotta ugly!  With every tree they cut and brush pile chipped, the yard shaped up.  Then about five years ago, they broke ground with my younger bro as their general contractor and built what I affectionately call, the Bohovich Family Compound.  I would like to officially welcome you to The Compound, as we introduce it to you all as our wedding venue.  Without further ado, here’s the pad and the site of our backyard wedding:

The beauty of The Compound as our wedding and reception site is its one site fits all setup.  Not only can we have the ceremony and reception here, but there is also PLENTY of space for parking and camping for those who dare brave the woods of the county.  Here’s the plan:

It’s a little hard to see so I suggest clicking on the photo to blow it up a bit.  And now for the actual photos, first of the front yard area for parking and camping.

The front yard is massive and pretty lush.  It’s the first section of the yard that my family cleared way back in the early days.  And it’s set far enough off the road so it’s still pretty peaceful.

Then there’s the backyard area with plenty of room for a massive party tent to house the reception, and ceremony should it rain:

Where I’m standing to take the picture is probably going to be the area where the band, Dan Rooney and the Revolvers, will be setting up since it’s closest to the garage and a power source.  Here’s the tent area from another angle:

So much open space perfect for a tent!  Just beyond those trees, past the tent space is the area where we usually have “burn piles” otherwise known as bonfires.  Oh you bet there will be one at this shin dig!  What good party in the county doesn’t include a bonfire?  Next up, the ceremony location (if it’s sunny, if rain should occur it will be under the tent).

Cute huh?  Can’t you see Colby and I standing underneath those two birches saying “I do”?  I can and it’s absolutely perfect!  I don’t think my mom totally agrees with me, especially with the garden in the background.  We’ll just have to get crafty should the tomatoes suffer from blight again next year!  And check out the “aisle”.

Now it’s time for imagination time, kind of like when you were a kid watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.  So with this picture, you’re actually looking directly into the long side of the tent.  Beyond the tent is the back patio, where my bro is setting up the grilling station.  My brother Anthony asked for two things at this wedding.  One…to not have to wear a tux.  And two…that he would be in charge of the meat.  Oh…and there was also a third request.  We have to bring him a third grill from our house.  Anthony takes grilling VERY seriously.  Okay, back to the aisle.  The aisle will be running from the driveway in the upper right corner, around the tent and down to the ceremony area in kind of a semi circle.  I’m thinking of lining it with some flowers in a rustic, country fashion which I’ll get to in another post.

So that’s the whole shebang so far.  I’m sure it will change some as we go and figure out more details but at least I have a rough idea literally mapped out.  I was lucky enough to attend one of my best friend’s wedding this past weekend.  It was also in the county, thus I not only got to scope out another wedding for ideas, but also got to scour over our own ceremony/reception site.  I also managed to snag this pic from the reception:

That’s Colby and another high school friend’s boyfriend both going for the garter during the garter toss.  This totally cracks me up!  Colby’s reaction after this wedding tradition, “I can’t wait until we’re married and I don’t have to participate in this anymore!”

Pssst…Christine, if you’re reading this, your wedding was amazing!  Congratulations girlie and here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

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