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Living Room Trim Painting Check

Confession…sometimes I add things to my to-do list just so I can cross them off two seconds later.  Like I did this evening when I wrote down “paint living room trim” on my to-do list and promptly crossed it off.  Ding dong the trim is done!

And the furniture was moved back into its rightful place.

It never ceases to amaze me how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can do to really old trim.  And by really old trim I mean REALLY old trim.  Just look at what one coat of primer can do to old, off-white trim:

Amazing.  And even after painting it a couple coats of glossy white paint, it still maintains its old trim feel but just with a new outfit.

I still have to paint the crown molding but we’re thinking of adding another level of molding and beefing it up first, making the crown much more substantial than it already is.  But that’s getting ahead of ourselves…way ahead of ourselves.

My favorite space in the room, now that the walls are all a cohesive-with-the-rest-of-the-house, Bay Waves by Valspar, is the media cabinet with the lobster art above it.  We’re in love and I don’t care who knows it!!!  It looks so cute a cohesive there now.  Before the tan walls kind of clashed with the lobsters.  Now it’s way more soothing of a home for lobster art.

And by freshening up the trim and painting it all white (Betsy’s Linen by Valspar), the wall color really pops.  I can’t get over how good this room looks now that it’s the same color as the adjoining hallway and parlor.  It no longer looks disjointed.  Here’s a view to the hallway.

And a view into the somewhat messy parlor.  We’re still recovering from wedding house hurricane of August 10th.

And here’s a slightly different angle showing off the cohesiveness between the two, open to each other rooms.

It feels more like one room these days rather than two.  I can now fully understand why all the experts out there, the Emily Hendersons and Genevieve Gorders  and what nots (I’ve been watching WAY too much Design Star…but is there such a thing?!), always recommend painting your open spaces the same color.  It really makes a room flow.  I didn’t really understand this until after we painted this room.  But I get it now.  Oh…I get it!

Now that the living room is painted and cleaned up, we’re not so patiently waiting for our couch to arrive.  It’s scheduled for delivery on Monday.  And Colby and I are scheduled to do absolutely nothing but lounge on the new couch on Monday.  We’ll be celebrating Labor Day alright…by laboring around on the couch.

Back to the lobster art….seriously…I can’t get enough of this nook.  I’m pretty sure I took about 8 gagillion photos of this area.

One more picture and I’ll leave it alone, I swear!

Okay, now back to the living room and the grand plan of things to come.  The room is feeling pretty sparse these days since we rid the room of anything that won’t be staying, taking down all stray art (other than the beloved lobsters).  We’re waiting to rehang things once the couch is here and in place.  It will take the place of the loveseat and one of the pink chairs will be moved to the parlor to make room for the chaise section of the couch.

And these guys…the pink chairs I inherited from my grandmother…are getting a bit of a slip cover situation.  But again, I want to wait until after the couch is here to be sure what I have in mind will match.  No getting ahead of myself and making decisions I’ll regret later.  I like a nice, slow and steady pace these days.  Does that mean I’m getting old?!  Dang it….I’m getting old!

I hate how naked the corner of the room is looking right now.  But we’re thinking of taking that bookcase on the right, and essentially extending it all along that wall, surrounding the window to the porch, for a wall of built in bookcases.  Maybe painted white…with a blue accent wall…I can see it now!  And with a gray couch with a chaise and billowy wide striped curtains with bamboo blinds…oh yes…I can see it!

And that’s all she wrote folks!  Tune in tomorrow for a monthly recap and don’t miss all the new couch action next week!  Booyah!  We may have to play pillows again!

Pssst…Anyone else out there in blog land working on their living room?  Paint it?  Now that most of the big stuff is done (painting…new couch) I can’t wait to get down to all the fun, little decorating projects…I’ve got plans…big…I mean…little plans!

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