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Love At First Swipe

Now that The master bedroom is all kinds of mudded and sanded, that means it’s prime time baby!  Yes, that’s right, sanding is done and painting can begin!  When we got done mudding and sanding the room, we were left with quite a mess.

The floors were completely covered with dust and the whole room was a mess.  Thus…it was time for a quick cleanup and some primer!  There’s just something about priming a freshly sanded room that makes it feel so much cleaner.

To prime the room I took a couple of new to me products for a test drive.  Which is strange for a creature of habit like me.  Seriously, I’ve been eating the same cereal for breakfast since high school and the waiters at our favorite restaurants already know my order when we walk in.  I’m not kidding.  First up, Valspar’s drywall primer.

I found it to be a great product and a much cheaper product than most primers.  It only cost $12 compared to my usual Zinsser which costs about $25 a gallon.  It had great coverage, helped hide our mistakes, went on smooth, and dried fast.  I did find it wasn’t as high hiding as the Zinsser, thus I would never use it on wood trim, but for drywall it totally worked.

Next product up, an angled nylon paint brush from Purdy.

And can we just say, LOVE at first swipe!  This paint brush is worth every penny of its $13 price tag.  I picked up the 2-1/2″ nylon version from Lowes, a brush that was meant for latex paints.  So far I’ve only used it for priming and painting the master bedroom but it’s officially become the most epicly awesome brush in the history of epicly awesome brushes.  It creates such a seamless, smooth finish.  You don’t even see brush strokes.  And the paint cleans out of the bristles real nice!  After a couple of hours coveting…I mean…painting with my new brush, the master bedroom was starting to look ever so slightly like a bedroom and less like a construction zone mess.

The one section of the room that didn’t get primed was the slanted parts of the ceiling.  Those areas will be getting a bead board treatment, similar to what’s in our bathroom.

This wall is the wall that we will be converting into a his/hers, side by side closet.  I can see it now…oh closet bliss how I cannot wait for you to come into our lives!  We have gone far too long without a legit closet.  I don’t count using the guest bedroom as a closet.  Nope…uh-uh…doesn’t count.

And did you notice the pigtail light fixture?

He’s my buddy, my pal.  At least when it comes to priming and painting the ceiling.  You see, but just installing a cheap, basic, pig tail light keeps the ceiling free from an attached lighting fixture.  Meaning I can paint underneath, around, and in the nooks and crannies surrounding an overhead light fixture while keeping the ceiling light hooked up and more importantly, on and lighted.

I know this is a super boring, non exciting post, but to me, my inner cheerleader is busting through.  This is the exciting part for me…seriously…I’m doing herkies and breaking out the pom poms in celebration of reaching the painting pinnacle for this room.  The demo is done, the mudding and sanding is done, leaving all the fun painting and decorating type things to do.  Is it time to hang curtains yet?!

Pssst…If you’re new to the little old blog you can catch up on our master bedroom renovation progress here.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!


  1. there’s something about a freshly painted room that looks so clean and bright. Where do you get the energy?!
    All weekend long i laid on my couch like a beached whale. Its in the upper 90s in Philly and we do not have central air.

    Have you used Valspar for anything else before? I usually only purchase Behr but its so expensive. I heard Glidden was really good too though. So many choices.

    1. Haha! My energy…I have no idea where it comes from. I’m just a go-go-gettah! But seriously, painting is my happy place. I could paint a room all day long! I’ve pretty much used Valspar for every painting project in our house. The only thing I don’t use it for is ceiling paint since I’m completely smitten with Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paint. It’s the perfect white! And I’m not in love with using Valspar on cabinets. It just wasn’t hard enough and some of the paint has chipped.

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