On The Fifth Day Of Craft-Mas

On the fifth day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, even more art, of the Christmas tree variety:

And the best part of this art project?  It was practically free!  The only item I had to purchase to make this piece of art a reality was the frame, which of course I bought at AC Moore with a 50% off coupon (it ended up being about $11).  I already had the glue, a piece of poster paper to create it on, the glitter paper was left over from this Santa/underwear word art project from day 2 of Craft-mas, and the trees…oh yeah…those were hand crafted with love using these guys:

Thank you Valspar for creating such lovely paint chips that I can turn into beautiful Christmas time art.  Actually, one of those greens will end up the color of our master bedroom when we redo that room this spring.  That is if I don’t change my mind…ok…odds are pretty good of that happening.  Oh…and disregard the red chip.  I initially thought of using it to add garland to the trees but I really liked them without the garland so I nixed that step.  So here’s how the whole project went down (super fast and super easy by the way).  I started with these supplies:

Traced and cutout the letters to spell “O Christmas Tree” (same as back here):

Drew Christmas trees using a straight edge:

I made sure they were of different widths and color varieties so no tree would be the same.  Then I cutout all my trees:

Arranged the paint chip forest on the poster paper which was taped to the frame mat:

Arranged the glittery, red, cutout letters:

Then glued, framed, and hung the art piece next to the first piece I crafted back here:

I absolutely adore the pair of art pieces.  I think they’re so cute paired together, were incredibly easy to make, and were also insanely inexpensive.

Oh…and I’m totally digging red/white/green Christmas decor this season.  Can you tell?  And if you want to throw a fourth color into the mix I would have to pick….drum roll please…glitter!  Of course glitter is a color?!  What are you talking about?!  It’s actually my favorite color and Christmas time is pretty much the only time I can get away with decorating with it.

So this concludes week number one of Craft-mas.  I hope you’re enjoying it so far.  It’s hard to believe it’s almost half over already and Christmas is only a few weeks away!

Pssst…So who is ready for Christmas?  Do you have your Christmas cards all sent out?  Presents wrapped and under the tree?  If so…I’m totally jealous.  Deja jealous Jo-Ann!  That’s my favorite quote from the movie Stick It by the way…you know…the gymnastics movie…never heard of it…shock!  I’m hoping by the end of the weekend I’ll have licked Christmas and will be all ready for the holiday!


  1. Wow! You are a Christmas crafting genius! So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    Please stop by for a visit to my blog. I am currently in the midst of a Gifts to Make series.

    Be Merry and Bright!

    1. Thanks!!! This comment just made my day! I’m always telling my man that I’m a genius…now there’s proof! Ok…and I’m going to check out your blog in three, two, one……..

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