Wedding Wednesday: Spud Bar

For this evening’s Wedding Wednesday post, we’re going to take it back…back to my roots (hehehehe), to potato country…aka…the A.C….aka…the biggest county East of the Mississippi…aka…the northern most county in Maine…aka…Aroostook County.  Ahhhhh….my homeland!  And also the location for our August wedding.  Aroostok County is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and one of its renowned features are its vast potato fields.

It’s known as potato country.  You can’t escape the potato fields…believe me.  I spent countless hours as a kid/teen biking through the fields without ever crossing a road.  The fields are everywhere.  And just a five minute walk through my parents’ backyard (where Colby and I are getting married) there are vast amounts of potato fields.  The other day I had a slight epiphany moment.  Why not incorporate my homeland into the wedding?!  You know…add some potato flare?  It all started with this picture.

Isn’t that genius?!  I fell in love with this idea!  I can see it now…baked potatos…all the fixins’…assemble your own special combo!  My preferred toppings include a boatload of broccoli, a little bit of cheese, some chives, and dollop of Daisy.  So simple, so perfect!  And then I spiraled in a potato themed oblivion….

Why stop with just a spud bar and go all out with a potato country theme (but not in one of those overtly obnoxious themes)?  I’m thinking more rustic-chic.  Using the potato barrels (which you can find EVERYWHERE in the county) to make tables for the buffet style dinner we’re planning.  And they look so cute paired with burlap, reclaimed wood, and oh…wait for it…galvanized tubs.

I even envision using some barrels as coolers.  Simply fill them with ice and stock full of beer!  Oooooh….ooooh…and maybe give out mini bags of Aroostook County potatoes as wedding favors!  Me likey!  So mom, if you’re reading this, tell my brother (who has a knack for finding pretty much anything I can think of for cheap if not free) that we’re going to need some potato barrels.  Oh…and some mismatched galvanized tubs because we’re doing this!


  1. I went to a wedding in November, and they put mashed potatoes in a martini glass and then had all the fixings. It was delicious!

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