Plant Relocation Services

So here’s the story of the plant…well…more like plants in general.  I kill them.  Not on purpose.  We just like to play a little game of how-long-can-we-go-before-watering.  This plant however, just won’t quit.  It’s actually the first plant I ever brought home with me back in the day when I first moved to Brewer in 2004.  It’s moved from Brewer to Presque Isle to Milford to Orono to Bangor to Brewer and then to a house in Brewer.  It’s been dropped, frozen, starved, dehydrated, and generally neglected.  This plant is destined to be with me for the long haul while others have given up.  In it’s current home it has moved from kitchen table to desk to end table to dining window and now to the bathroom where it’s found it’s happy place.  The plant is finally thriving and is the healthiest it’s ever been in the steamy bath with bright morning sun!

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