Remote Storage

This is one of those small tweaks that we performed a few weeks ago but with all the hoopla going on in the master bedroom remodel, it kind of took the back burner.  It was a quick and easy organizational task that took all of two seconds…remote storage.  We took our remote storage situation from this:

To this:

Big improvement.  And in an effort to keep it real, here’s a closeup of the dusty, mass of remotes that hang out in our living room.

Most of those remotes we don’t even use.  For instance, there are two (yes two) remotes for VCRs one of which we don’t even have anymore, and one remote for a stereo that lives at my parents house.  Then there’s one for the DVD player that we use, one for the DVD player stored in the basement, one for the oscillating fan which we never use, two which I’m not sure what they go to, and the only remote we do use, the one for the tv.  So when I saw this adorable metal storage box on clearance at Target, I snatched it up for an instant remote storage upgrade.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for awhile now for something cute to store the cluttered remotes.  And by store I really mean hide away to never be seen again.  So when one of the Privet House for Target storage boxes ended up on clearance, down to $10.48 from $14.99, I absolutely couldn’t resist.

And the pattern is just too adorable to pass up.  I really liked the boxes before they went on sale so the clearance sticker was an added bonus.

So into the box all the remotes went, dust and all.  Maybe I should have at least cleaned them.

And tucked the box into the little alcove on the side table in the living room.  Added bonus, the box fit perfectly, PERFECTLY!  You just don’t get a better fit than that.

The other happy bonus is how the orange in the flowers totally plays off the orange in the table lamp.  I love those orange lamps almost more than making lists…almost…but not as much as making out with Colby (Colby are you blushing yet?!).  Now that’s some serious love.  I freaked out one night because Goose went crashing off the couch, knocking over a lamp.  I screamed…literally screamed out…not for Goose’s safety but for the health of my lamp.  I bought them five or six years ago from Pottery Barn, during one of their colorful phases, and have had a love affair ever since.

Now that the remotes are safely tucked away, hidden from the general public, I’m smitten like a kitten.  I heart masking clutter!  It’s pretty much my favorite…other than making out with Colby obviously (now he’s blushing!).  But I’m obligated to say that since I’ve got wedding on the brain.  We’re just over a week away from the big day.  Woot woot!

Pssst…What have you been organizing or stashing away lately?  Any dusty remotes or closet clutter?  Or anyone else hoarding ridiculous amounts of remotes?  It seems we’re hiding our clutter much better these days.  First the closet curtains and now the remote storage.


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