Stick Another Feather In My Crafty Cap

Just stick a feather in my cap bathroom and call it macaroni art.  I’m a regular old Yankee Doodle Dandy.  But seriously now…I did a little bathroom art upgrade.  Enter the feather art stage right.

Do you remember a week or so ago when I got the windmill print from Etsy?  Then I hung it and didn’t really like how the waterfall photograph next to it didn’t play nice with the bright white frame and colorful art.  Here’s a reminder:

It’s not that I hated the frame or the picture.  I kind of liked both of them.  The picture/frame was one of Colby’s mom’s yard sale finds that she bestowed upon us.  We both love the pic, which is a professional photo of a waterfall near Colby’s hometown in central Vermont, and we intend to use it in a gallery wall elsewhere in our home, but for our bright bathroom, I was digging white.

So while I was aimlessly walking around Hobby Lobby on Saturday, which is my cardio these days, I came across a tiny 2-pack of pink feathers for a whopping $1.39.  I immediately grabbed them, whispered sweet nothings to them, and brought them home with me.  Hey…when the husband is away….  My other supplies for this little craft project included some leftover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White, watercolor paper for the feather background, a little Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax, and other necessities like sand paper, glue, and a paint brush.

I love chalk paint these days.  I am 100% addicted to the stuff…somebody find me a 12 step program.  I have been walking around the house lately mentally adding things to my “oh…I can chalk paint that” list.  The picture frame just happened to be my latest victim.

Here’s what I really love about this picture frame, and why it makes such a fabulous chalk paint/distressing subject, the texture!  Look at those dangerous curves grooves:

I slapped on two coats of paint…like literally slapped on two coats of paint (another reason I love chalk paint) and barely cleaned/sanded/prepped the frame other than a quick little dusting (yet another reason for my chalk paint obsession).  And then let the frame dry for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime…on the other side of the desk…I cut down a piece of the watercolor paper to fit the picture mat, taped it to the mat, glued the feathers to the paper, and put a few heavy items on the feathers to hold them down in place while the glue dried.

And then it was back to the picture frame.  I gave the frame just a light sanding using a piece of 100 grit sandpaper.  I just tried to hit the high spots…exposing the dark wood on the tops of the ridges while the valleys on the frame remained white.

After a quick waxing and a bit of assembling, this quick and easy DIY feather art project was done.

With the upgraded frame hung, the toilet nook is feeling much more polished and more importantly much more intentional than what we had hung there before.  Now this is what I had envisioned!  Maybe not necessarily feather art, but something light and airy to balance out the windmill art.  And nothing says light and airy quite like Anna Faris in House Bunny feathers.

And is it me or are feathers trending right now?  Like those gold glitter-tipped feather craft projects you see all over Pinterest, or the vessels filled with feathers, and the feather-tipped arrows…oh the feather-tipped arrows!  I’m dying for a set, kind of like these.

With that, I think my noodling around with the bathroom toilet nook is complete.  At least for now.  I give it about six months before I’m back in here switching things around yet again.  But what’s the fun in letting things be?!  Half the fun in decorating is moving things around.

Oh yeah…and what blog post around these parts would be complete without a Goose photo bomb.

It’s been really fun these days working around the house because it feels like we’re nearing the end of all the major renovations.  Granted we still have a complete kitchen reno along with other pseudo major tasks like flooring our bedroom and building in a closet.  But with our home pretty much out of the construction phase it’s been a blast doing little craft projects and taking some time to think about art and accessories.

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