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The Corn Squirrel

While we’re getting back onto the DIY train and working on a few projects (and picking up our uber messy, post wedding, mess of a house), I thought I would share a little veggie tale.  And not that veggie tale…this one is about corn.  More specifically the corn in our garden and how it keeps getting popped off…one stalk at a time.  Seriously…this is our corn:

And this is our corn on the ground.

A couple of weeks ago our corn was growing like a bad weed, except it wasn’t a weed, it was corn.  Then a couple stalks ended up on the ground.  No biggie…just maybe a freak wind storm or two, right?!.  But once over half our crop was on the ground, we smelled something fishy.  A little funny business going on.  Hence, Colby felt it was time for a little detective work and broke out the game camera to track down this corn destroyer.

Yes, we are that couple who puts out a game camera in our garden.  This is the cat incident circa 2010 all over again.  But it revealed to us our corn destroyer…el squirrel-o.

That pic cracks me up.  Can’t you just see el-squirrel-o saying “this…is…my…kingdom” all slow like and in a Russian accent?!  He’s been enjoying himself…scratch that…gorging himself on the corn in our garden…one ear at a time.

And now our corn crop is gone.  Tragically gone and taken from this earth too soon thanks to our Russian squirrel with an appetite for delicious Maine corn.

The unfortunate part of it all was that the corn was probably growing the best our of all the other plants in the garden.  It was our first corn and attempt and we were so excited to pick it and eat it later on this summer.  Oh well…the squirrel strikes again.  Just stay away from my hot peppers el-squirrel-o!  You don’t want to see the wrath of Angie when you mess with those!

Pssst…anyone else dealing with annoying, corn eating squirrels?  Any advice for how to keep them out of the garden?  Advice welcome!

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