Our Kitchen In The Buff-Et

Just before wedding craziness hit the fan, Colby and I went on a little weekend expedition in search of the perfect buffet table for the kitchen.  We had seen a recent influx of wedding gifts, primarily serving dishes since we had zero point zero serving dishes and were about to serve dinner for 60 at our house.  But we didn’t have any place to put said dishes.  Our kitchen lacks usable…emphasis on usable…storage and we needed someplace to put all these things that were piling up in the parlor, because apparently that’s where serving dishes go.  Enter the new buffet in our kitchen.

Hold on…it looks WAY cuter and tres Pottery Barn like all set up.

So 100% my style in all of its rustic gloriousness!  Doesn’t it kind of look like a Pottery Barn knockoff?  Except not at a Pottery Barn knock off price.  Try $50.  And this guy is legit!  He’s old…not fake old.

Here’s the story.  We set out on an early morning adventure the Saturday before our wedding.  We’re talking t-minus 6 days here when we probably should have been spending our time working out our ceremony details.  Oh well…priorities.  Long story short, we aimed for the Belfast flea market, got sidetracked at a church yard sale (where we scored golfing pull carts for $3 each), learned the furniture guy at the flea market was late opening, killed a little time at a yard sale across the street that I didn’t want to go to, ultimately scored this guy at the yard sale I didn’t want to go to.

It was a yard sale at an antique shop.  And when we showed interest in purchasing this piece, for $50 mind you, the gentleman running the sale kept telling us how it came out of an old store in Augusta, Maine (I’m pretty sure it was an old hardware store but I’m not certain).  It was an old display table that he bought off the store.  Even without all the dirty details, like the name of the store, I loved the story and was extra sold on the piece.  SOLD!  I even baby sat the piece so no one would buy it out from under us while Colby perused the rest of the sale.  So we loaded her up, and brought her home.  Apparently he/she’s transgendered since I can’t decide if it’s a boy or a girl buffet table.

When we brought it home, it didn’t make it in the house unscathed.

Pieces needed to be reattached, shelves needed to be fixed, and the whole thing needed a good cleaning.

Even after cleaning all the shelves, she still looked a little dirty.  But that’s just it’s nature.

But I loved the rustic-ness of the piece, especially its top with the exposed nail holes, variegated wood grains, and discolorations.  I even loved that lip around the top which would prevent things from easily slipping off of it into the grasp of a Goose.  Not that he does that or anything!

So instead of finishing up all those wedding projects, I spent the next five hours (I wish I was kidding) filling the buffet table with kitchen stuff and styling the crap out of it.  This was the result.

Although it has since changed about a gazillion times.  The top surface styling changes on a daily basis as we add things we use everyday to the top and move things down below that we don’t use quite so often.  Oh…and the wedding table centerpieces no longer reside there although I may bring the survivors back.

I tried to create little niches, kind of like workzones in a house.  My favorite niche is the lazy susan holding some vinegar bottles, infused olive oils and the dipping bowls.

The other corner rocks the Kitchen Aid mixer, sugar creamer, and glass pitcher.  Although I’m thinking of switching out the Kitchen Aid for a coffee maker and putting together a cute little beverage/coffee station.  The beauty of the buffet’s location is that there is an outlet right behind it so electrics that used to take up counter space (mixer, coffee maker, toaster) can reside here AND plug right in.

My absolute favorite is the shelves below and how much they can hold!

All of our new, Pottery Barn Great White serving dishes fit perfectly down below, along with some of our old serving pieces, napkins, place mats, and other miscellaneous items.

Someday, I can see myself filling the whole thing strictly with the white dishes.  All of the daily plates, bowls, mugs, etc. live in a separate cabinet but may need to be swapped out with the un-white items.  I can just envision how cool the buffet would look filled to the brim with all white dishes.  It’s very Martha meets Pottery Barn.  But for now, I’m enjoying it’s use as a catchall.  Whatever keeps piles of dishes out of our office space in the parlor!

I couldn’t resist a closeup of one of the wedding ferns plopped down on a mini cake plate.  Too adorable.

Someday I may play around with the buffet table.  I might paint it, or simply poly it, or even add giant, chunky casters to the bottom of it and wheel it around like an island.  But for now, this old bird is serving its purpose as a much needed storage solution for our kitchen.

But I’ll keep you all posted if things should change.  Back to tweaking away at its styling I shall go.  It’s a sickness.  Or like Pringles…once you pop you just can’t stop!

Pssst…Anyone else score an amazing find at a yard sale?  Do share!  I love me a good yard sale or flea market find!  Especially ones that could be a dead ringer for a much more expensive item!


    1. Thanks! I love me a good yard sale find! Which reminds me…I still need to poly the thing…wop wop! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for nominating Brave New Home for a Liebster which led to my nomination! I owe you one!

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