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The Deal Of The Century

A couple weekends ago, Colby and I were out and about doing errands.  Typical DIY-er type errands…off to Target for some dog food, the lumber yard for a door, and Lowes for lock set.  And as we were doing our otherwise mundane errands, the clouds parted, angels sang, and the glorious deal of the century gods were smiling down on us.  At Target we scored three decorated Christmas wreaths, piles of decorative pine cones, and five packages of shirt gift boxes for a whopping $8.98….total!  Then a $14 exterior door at a lumber yard sale.  And THEN the big daddy of all sales, a $400 stainless steel refrigerator at Lowes.  I may have kissed it I was so excited!

In Love With The New Fridge

Goose is apparently unimpressed.  No joke…this refrigerator was $400…four…hundred…dollars!  We couldn’t believe it!  Why?!  Because it was a repaired fridge.  It’s old owners turned it in because the water wouldn’t work and a light was broke.  Lowes fixed it, tried to sell it for about $800, couldn’t hawk it at that price, then marked it down to $400 the day we bought it.

The best part of the cheap fridge story was the conversation on our way into Lowes.  We were shopping for a lock set for that aforementioned $14 door, but I asked Colby if we could just swing by the clearance appliance section since we hadn’t stalked that in awhile.  We tend to stalk it know…for a good deal on a stove or fridge.  Not that we need a new stove or fridge, ours are fine, but we’re holding off on a kitchen remodel until we’ve “collected” all our new stainless steel appliances.  So far we had a Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher and Frigidaire Affinity washer/dryer.  Anyway…after I asked Colby if we could “visit” the clearance appliances he asked, “what happens if we find a fridge for $500?”.  I didn’t skip a beat and came back with a “we buy it…that’s what savings is for”.  And low and behold what do we find?  Not a five hundred dollar fridge…a FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR FRIDGE!  Somebody pinch me!

Goose Fridge Inspection

The price tag on it was actually $399.00 and when we first saw it thought it was $1,399.  We did a double take, checked out it’s original price in another aisle ($1699) and then didn’t let it out of our sight.  It may not have been the Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel french door refrigerator (the one that “goes with” the dishwasher we already had), but for a $1,200 savings…we’ll take it!  Of course we had to bring it home…well technically the Lowes guys delivered it the next day.

Let’s talk a little bit about Goose and his reaction to the new fridge.  First he sniffed it out from afar all skeptical like.

Goose Fridge Inspection

Then proceeded to bark at it from afar for about ten straight minutes before sticking his head in it to check for meaty bones.  Note the tucked tail.  He was one scared-ie Goose.  I’ll just add “refrigerator” to the list of things he’s scared of.  It’s right up there with baby gates, guitar amps, deer heads, and tennis rackets.

Goose Fridge Inspection

The night the fridge was delivered, Colby wasted no time moving things around to make a space for the new, much larger refrigerator.

Rearranging The Kitchen

Chaos ensued during the multi-fridge portion of the program.

Rearranging The Kitchen

The beauty of the new fridge, other than it’s sleek finish and chilling capabilities, was the fact it had water/ice dispensing built into the door, which also required hitching the appliance up to the water line, something we didn’t have with our old, white fridge.  At first we thought we would wait until our big kitchen remodel (which we’re thinking of tackling this spring/summer) because messing with the plumbing for the new water line didn’t sound like our idea of a good time at the moment.  But then we realized all it took was this little spigot to get it done.

Water Refrigerator Valve

You just clamp it onto your copper pipe, screw it on (which pierces the pipe), and turn it on so the water flow-eth.  Boom…done.  Fridge in place.

New Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator

Ugh…I can’t wait until the the kitchen remodel goes down so we can finally get rid of our mish mash storage cabinet.  It’s like a two toned car in the kitchen.  But let’s get back to something beautiful.

Stocked Refrigerator

Can’t you hear the angels singing?!  It was fun to transfer all the contents from our old fridge to the new one.  Our perishables were super crammed in the old fridge, but once in the new fridge, it was like, “wow…we don’t have any food…it’s so empty in here…we must stock it…now”.  Hello spaciousness and the ability to store drinks on the door!  I don’t know why but I’m enamored by that.

Drink Storage In Refrigerator

Oh…and the best part:

Filtered Water Direct From Refrigerator

Swoon!  As for the old guy, he still lives in the kitchen for now.

Old Sad Fridge

We talked about putting him on Craigslist for $100 but Colby has also been in the market for a mini fridge or a kegerator for his beer brewing activities.  So we’re debating trying to convert the old fridge into a kegerator of sorts.  And ironically, one of my new favorite blogs, DIY Diva, recently converted an old fridge into a kegerator.  Hmmm…coincidence I think not!

Pssst…How about you guys?  Scored any amazing deals lately?!


  1. What a deal! Fridges seem like one of those not-so-fun-grown-up purchases and I was stunned by how expensive they were when we first went fridge shopping. We got one on clearance because of a small ding in the door. Not $400 cheap but still a good deal : ]

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