On Dasher On Dancer On Razor On Vixen

Okay, I’m squeaking out just one last Christmas related post (and only 25 days late…how ironic).  So here’s the story…not of a lovely lady or a man named Brady…but of a deer wall hook who we named Razor.  He looks like a Razor, right?!  A distant cousin of Vixen…just a bit more rough around the edges.

Meet Razor Our Hunter Deer Hook

He was a Christmas present from Colby’s sister, Margot.  She called Colby shortly before dear Razor (see what I did there) arrived in the mail and said something like “hopefully you won’t think it’s too weird, it just called your name”.  This, of course, got our heads spinning.  What could it be?  Fire breathing squirrels?!  Purple dish washing monkeys?!  At least we were correct on the animal track.  Anyway…the Christmas gift finally arrived.  Colby opened it up while I was still at work then kinda creepily slinked into the kitchen with the gift behind his back when I walked through the door.  He muttered something about the gift came and that he hoped I liked it since he did.  You could tell he was worried I wouldn’t like it and it would get relegated to the depths of the closet never to be seen again.  Lucky for him, I LOVED it!  And immediately picked out this spot in the kitchen to hang it.

Empty Kitchen Wall

We were in need of a good spot to hang Goose’s leash and thought Razor would be the perfect solution.  It’s simple, close to the door, and now Goose’s leash officially has a spot.  I love having a spot for everything and everything in its place.

Deer Hook Holding A Goose Leash

In other deer related news…Colby’s deer heads needed a new home since they had gotten displaced this summer during a minor living room rearrange/paint job/mini makeover.

Colby's Deer Skulls

We thought they would fit in perfectly in the very man-like craft room (man-like because there are beer coasters hanging on the wall above the couch…note that a craft room is ever capable of being manly).  We hung the pair above the antique shop mirror, which ties into the colors of the deer heads as well as the curtains, and the Nate Berkus for Target shell.

Deer Skulls Hanging On Craft Room Wall

Oh…and this is that “most finished space in our house” that we mentioned in yesterday’s resolutions post.  My favorite but alas…least used space in the house…our craft room.

Deer Skulls Hanging On Craft Room Wall

I still don’t understand why I don’t spend more time in here.  It’s so serene…and peaceful…and clean…without any trace of construction debris.  Ahhh bliss!

Pssst…What have you been hanging on your walls lately?  Hooks?  Art?  Pin boards?  Deer heads?


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