The Golden Shovel

We’ve got the golden ticket…errr…I mean shovel.  So you remember back when we had our little ground breaking ceremony for the deck (back here)?  And we used a golden shovel?  Well, we thought we needed to dedicate a blog post to the golden shovel because it is THAT amazing.

So the shovel never used to be gold.  It’s actually the most plain and basic shovel ever and one of the freebie yard work tools we inherited with the house.

Oh yeah…that baby has shoveled some serious Goose turds.  It’s our favorite turd shoveler turned ceremonial tool.  I know what you’re thinking…just how did you take the shovel from blah to wow?!  It’s easy…spray paint.  We suspended the shovel from our topsy turvy tomato plant grower, which never worked anyway, attached the two together with a bungee cord, and proceeded to spray away.

And let it dry completely suspended for a few hours.  The suspension system let us spray paint the entire shovel in one outing rather than laying it flat on the ground, spray painting one side, waiting for it to dry, and then spray painting the other side.

We took the shovel from turd and cement covered blandness (it’s other purpose…before it got famous…is cement mixing):

To gold encrusted turds and cement amazingness:

I know.  You want one too.  And you’re SOOOOO jealous of our golden shovel.  If you ask really nicely, we may let you borrow it.  You know…since it’s living un-ceremoniously in the back of Colby’s pickup truck.

Pssst…You can totally turn this blog post into a drinking game.  Go back to the beginning and read the post taking a swig every time I say “turd”.  You’re definitely going to need a taxi afterwards.  Consider yourself warned.

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