Wedding Wednesday: Save The Date Decision Dilemma

I had a bit of an epiphany moment this evening.  If it wasn’t for this blog, especially the Wedding Wednesday posts, I don’t think I would accomplish anything wedding related.  I would probably just cruise Pinterest for weeks and months on end and never actually make any decisions.  I’m quite indecisive.  Here’s to you blog, for forcing me into decision making.  Today’s Wedding Wednesday post is dedicated to the save the date.  Since many of our guests are from out of town, I wanted to send out save the date cards.  I wanted them to be fun and reflect our personalities.  After months of Pinterest-ing, here are my front runners…First up this one.

Love this one!  I think it’s adorable, the photos are cute, the design is simple and I can totally recreate this.  The relationship timeline on it really is my most favorite feature.  Then I met this one:

I love this one too!  Colby and I are both sports fanatics and thought this one would be appropriate for us.  It’s so cute!  But I would probably fancify the card as a whole so it’s not just a photo.  Then I came across this one:

Love, love LOVE this!  The Red Sox, even after their epic fail (seriously Red Sox, what was up with that?!  Seriously?!), are still our favorite sports team.  And doing a save the date like this one would be appropriately awesome!  And finally there was this guy:

I love the idea of these because they’re easier to make than the others.  I can simply design something rather than having to set up a photo session and then design something.  Also, since we’re having the wedding in Maine and many of our guests are coming from afar, map art save the dates would be very cute, pinpointing our wedding location.

So at this point (just hours earlier this evening) I was having a difficult time deciding which way I wanted to go.  These were my ultimate favorites after months of research and I just couldn’t decide.  I first ruled out the map save the dates…well…kind of.  Since the invitations which follow the save the date would be more artsy I liked the idea of using a picture of the two of us for the save the dates.  We’re both majorly spastic about having our pictures taken (I tend to over smile and show ALL of my teeth while Colby is a habitual under-smiler), I wasn’t banking on taking a successful picture so if all else fails, these would be my backup plan.  I showed Colby the three remaining favorites save the dates, desperately hoping he would pick one for me sparing me the decision.  The three favorites were: the timeline, baseball theme, and football theme.  He didn’t even know what a save the date was and wasn’t convinced that he liked any of them.  Back to the drawing board.

We both decided that they needed to be personal and reflect us.  Baseball and the Red Sox were stuck in my mind especially since we’ve had some of our most favorite dates at Fenway Park.  I wanted something baseball oriented, and then it clicked when I found this save the date on Etsy:

I knew it was the one from the second I saw it.  Kind of like when I first met Colby (cue up the “awwwwwwws” and call in the cheese police), minus the alcohol and loud music.  I can imagine customizing a design like this to look kind of like a Red Sox ticket.  I did a little more digging around and found a few more similar ideas.  There was this one:

And then I even found a Red Sox themed save the date…AWESOME!

So now I will be found bunkering down at my computer to actually design the save the date card this weekend!  Eeeeeee….craft time!  I’m choosing to design my own save the dates and invitations since (1) I’m a cheapo and (2) I’m a pro at PhotoShop and InDesign (I use both religiously for my day job and am quite proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite).  For those of you without access to fancy computer programs, you could easily create similar save the dates with scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, and photo printing.  Save the date design full speed ahead!

Pssst…The above photos were found on Etsy and Pinterest.  And they’re all pinned on my wedding Pinterest board.  Follow me on Pinterest here.


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