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The Goose-Tacle Course

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Goose post.  Maybe that’s because Goose hasn’t been good.  Bah-da-bing!  But anyway, I discovered something this week and I can’t wait to share.  Before I get into the “something” let me preface the story.  Goose is a crazy dog.  We’re talking borderline need to institutionalize him crazy.  He’s a German short-haired pointer who likes to run.  When he’s not running, he’s dreaming about running.  Seriously.  He twitch runs in his sleep.  I take him for runs as often as possible, let him run free in the fields and trails in our hood on the weekends, and play fetch with him during my lunch break.  Lunch break Goose workouts are probably one of the most important rounds of exercise that Goose gets.  If we don’t play with him, he goes extra crazy and starts eating shoes, kitchen towels, underwear and whatever he can get his mouth around while we’re at work.  Lately, Goose has been getting bored with the noontime fetch.  He just hasn’t been feeling it.  So, me being me, I got a little creative and created the Goose-Tacle Course.  It’s epic.  Truly epic.  Here’s how the Goose-Tacle Course works.  First, set up the Goose-Tacles.  I went for a pair of chairs across the doorway between the dining room and the parlor.

And a paint can wall across the doorway between the dining room and the hallway.

Then you stand in the kitchen by the stove, so you can see down the hallway, into the parlor, and also the other side of the kitchen.  You take the jar of Goose-ie snacks, throw one under the kitchen table:

And then you throw another one down the hallway:

And then one back to the table in the kitchen, and then one into the parlor, etc. etc. etc.  It’s really a pretty simple game but boy does it wear out the dog and make him happy.  See, this is Goose’s happy face:

He’s totally saying, “throw it again mom, throw it again”.  It takes about 20 minutes of cookie throwing, running and jumping before he is completely worn out.  I’ve never seen anything wear Goose out like this.  In fact, we were playing this game the other day and I threw the cookie under the table.  Instead of crawling through the chairs for it, he just passed out on the floor.  I thought he was dead at first, but after an 11 second power nap (no joke) he was ready for another go.  Let’s bring in the action shots.  Check out the vertical on his leap:

Of the hundreds of times Goose has jumped the paint cans, he hasn’t knocked down a single one.  Our dog is a rock star!  And check out the landing on this vault:

Perfect tens across the board, except from the Russian judge.  Tough!  Those Russians are hard to please!  Can you believe that it only took me three tries to get two awesome Goose jumping pictures?  I’ve got skillz!

Pssst…so this weekend is one of the first weekends I’ll be home all weekend without any plans!  Yay!  It’s been awhile.  Thus, I’ve got some serious projects going on this weekend so look out for big things next week.  That is if I don’t crap out early.  Oh to be Goose and survive off 11 second power naps!  What’s everyone else up to this weekend?  Any fun and exciting projects?


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