The Great Rug Dilemma

Remember when we posted about the new rug that we got for the parlor?  And how it was a major fail?  You know…because it was too small?  Well, we’ve FINALLY come to a decision about a new rug…well…a decision in the sense that we’ve picked out what rug we’ll be getting but we’ve still yet to decide on the color.  So here’s the office space in the parlor with the too small rug.

The decision on the brand/type of rug was pretty easy, once we got down to brass tax and figured out just what size rug would work.  You see, the 5′ x 7′ rug, the one that is in the parlor now, is way to small and looks awkward.  It will eventually get moved upstairs to one of the guest rooms.  When we measured out an 8′ x 10′, the next step up, the rug took up TOO much space.  It ended up covering a heating vent (it’s behind the bookcase), and would need to have a chunk cut out of it for an awkward wall (also behind the bookcase).  It was a total Goldie Locks dilemma.  You know…this rug was too small and that rug was too big.  Well, I found one that was JUST right.  Introducing the Flor carpet solution (check out their website here).  Flor makes carpet tiles in all sorts of fun colors and patterns AND you can put them down in just about any size/configuration since each carpet tile is about 20″ square.  Genius!  It was the “just right” solution to this Goldie Locks situation.  A 6 tile by 3 tile solution was the best fit for us, making the rug about 10′ x 5′ rug.

So now onto the color decision.  There are literally HUNDREDS of colors and pattern options with Flor.  And because I can’t make a decision for the life of me, we’re now going to get into a little PhotoShop foray (oh how I heart PhotoShop for uses such as these) to “test out” each of the possible rug colors for the parlor.

 Option 1:  Slate Gray Rug

Option 2:  Khaki Rug

Option 3:  Sea Foam Rug

Option 4:  Navy Stripes/Chevron Rug

Confession, I’m totally digging the navy chevron rug but I’m worried that it’s a bit too loud.  But then I look at the other three rugs, and they’re just so boring!  I really think the space needs some livening up and that rug is just the ticket.  The backup plan is the khaki rug, which goes better with my wild desk chair (the one of the right…Colby’s chair is much more…how should I put it…neutral).  But imagine me this.  Take away both of our desk chairs and replace them with some old school, wooden desk chairs with some old leather seats on them.  Oh yeah, now you’re digging the chevron rug too aren’t you!  So now I just need to find a way to convince Colby that the chevron is a clear winner.  It shouldn’t be too hard.  It never is.  He’s very Princess Bride-ish, “as you wish”.  And then find some new to us but old in general desk chairs.

Pssst…so the photos used for the “rugs” in the parlor pics above came from the Flor website.  Be sure to check them out!  And no I was not paid or perked to promote their product…I just dig carpet tiles.  Be sure to check back later to see which one we chose (it’s gonna be the Chevron) and for installation details.


    1. Thanks! I agree…the Chevron is definitely the poppy, interesting choice. I just need to buck up and pull the trigger before the rug goes off sale!

  1. Sorry niece, I’m for the slate gray. For me it goes better with the wall paint and accessories on and around the desk. However, the navy chevron is very nice.

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