The State Of The Vanity Address

This past weekend, I spent some serious time painting the bathroom vanity that we found via Craigslist.  And I’m sure you’re all a little bit curious about the paint colors, not just for the vanity but for the entire bathroom makeover.  After a series careful deliberations, Colby and I finally decided on pink…bubblegum pink.  You like-ie?!

Bathroom Vanity Painted Pink

And this is just the beginning of the bathroom makeover.  We’re thinking of a full-on, Barbie dream bathroom makeover complete with a pink ruffle-ie shower curtain, hot pink sparkly toothbrush holder, and a fuzzy fuchsia bathmat so soft that you want to wear it as slippers.  After I came up with the design concept for the bathroom, I was a little scared to check in with Colby.  I thought for sure he would play his veto card.  When it comes to design choices we both have to be 100% on board.  We both must love it.  Either of us can play the renovation/decorating veto card at any moment.  So presented with a Barbie bath, I thought for sure it would get axed immediately.  But Colby embraced his feminine side and is all in.  Crazy right?!

APRIL FOOLS!  Did I get ya?!  No?  Man!  I’ll try better next year where there will be plots, and sub plots, and villagers.  But back to the vanity since I actually did paint it up this weekend.  More details about the vanity makeover project will be coming at ya later this week and next, but I’ll leave you with this sneak peak of the vanity in a soft gray in lieu of hot pink (Photoshop is a beautiful, beautiful thing):

Bathroom Vanity Painted Gray

The color is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore in a semi-gloss paint.  We chose painting the vanity over keeping the wood finish since the original finish wasn’t great and the piece wasn’t solid wood.  I’m loving how the vanity is looking so far, even though we haven’t painted the drawers and doors.  I think we made the right painting choice.

The bathroom vanity paint color wasn’t the only paint decision we made for the bathroom this weekend as we chose an overall color scheme for the space.  I wasn’t ready to completely let go of our yellow bathroom just yet.  Honestly, I started to cry when I thought about painting it a new color.  So I didn’t want to get rid of the yellow altogether.  We’re just switching it up and painting the walls a minty green and working in some bright yellow accents along with a pop or two of green.

Minty Bathroom Color Scheme

The colors we’ve decided on are Sundance (yellow), Gray Owl (soft gray), Mantis Green (mint), Sweet Honeydew Melon (a lighter mint), and Decorator’s White (bright white) all by Benjamin Moore (colors from left to right on the long strip).  Recognize the bright green beside the Mantis Green mint color?!  It’s the green from the guest bedroom bookcase.  Since the bathroom is right across from the guest bedroom, it seemed fitting to work in some similar accent colors so there is a little bit of flow between the two spaces, but not too much similarity.

We’ll be back with more details about how we hacked the buffet, cutting the top and the drawers, to turn it into a bathroom vanity along with some painting details.  But for now, we’ll leave you with this tease of a post.  And just to be clear…no pink vanity…although…I don’t totally hate it.

Pssst…Did you play any April Fools jokes today?  Any doozies?  Do tell!


  1. Haha, you totally had me! I thought, Hrm, Angie has good tastes. Let’s see where she’s going with this 😛 Your bathroom colors sound totally soothing. I think I need to repaint my bathroom for the third time. It’s really hard to paint rooms without natural lighting!

    1. Hahaha…no corruption, he’s still the same old Colby…not a fan of the pink but if I proposed a camo colored vanity with hints of hunter orange…sold!

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