This Is So The Opposite Of Fishing

A couple of weekends ago, Goose and I headed to the County leaving Colby to his own devices.  I left him with specific instructions for how he was to spend his weekend: enjoy it and go fishing (he still hasn’t gone at all this year and I can’t believe it).  I did not expect to return with a completely remodeled entry way.  And it looks amazing!  Here are the details of the remodel job.  The ceiling and old light fixture were completely gutted and replaced with new sheet rock and a $10 light from Home Depot (most amazing big box store find ever).  Walls were mudded, sanded, primed and painted the perfect Valspar shade: Hint of Mint.  The best part of the remodel: the floor.  The floor is composed of wide pine boards with LOTS of poly on them.  Colby even layed the floor boards old school style and used steel cut nails.  It’s so pretty!  He even finished the trim and put a coat or two of paint on the door.  I love it!  It still needs a few finishing touches but now it’s time to decorate it!  The before and after pics are amazing.  My boyfriend rocks!


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