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Wedding Wednesday: But What Does One Wear?

It’s so weird to be using the expression “but what does one wear?” without following it up with “as a jello shot wench.”  My best friend, Heather, who you’ll meet in a moment, and I used to discuss this at great length during Halloween.  We have determined that it’s a cross somewhere between go-go dancer and Bavarian beer wench.  This is wedding planning related, I swear.

This past weekend was a whirlwind of wedding planning activity with two major MAJOR tasks checked off the list…rough drafting up our invitations (check) and picking out the wedding party apparel (check check).  Apparently I was a little behind the eight ball picking out bridesmaids’ dresses but we got ‘er done Larry the Cable Guy style.  Thankfully, Heather my hetero-lifemate and maid of honor, otherwise referred to as Moh, was in town so we hit up Henry’s Bridal to stalk the bridesmaids dresses.  We picked out three dresses which we loved and which all looked pretty much the same.  The first one was too sparkly (egads…who knew there was such a thing!), the second one looked too blah, and the third one was just right.  Well call me Goldilocks!  What really sold us…the dress had pockets (as the gorgeous Moh is modeling):

POCKETS!  I wish I could wear one too!  It’s a Bill Levkoff dress in navy which you can find here.  Ironically, the sample dress at Henry’s Bridal was the exact color that I wanted for the bridesmaids.  Score!  So now that half of our wedding party will officially be dressed it was time to attack the other half.  We don’t want to have naked boys running around now do we?!  Nobody needs to see that.  The next day I took Colby down to the shop to pick out his apparel and the threads for his guys.  I had a man duds vision from the get go but I wanted Colby to choose his own outfit as long as it somewhat went with the girls’ dresses.  And the result…exactly what I was thinking:

It’s a dark gray tux with a light pinstripe and a navy vest and tie.  And doesn’t the tux look so sharp next to the bridesmaid’s dress?!  Meow!  It was so much fun shopping this weekend for outfits…so much fun!  And I can’t believe that Henry’s keeps letting us back in their store.  No one in our wedding party is “normal” and each of us is just a little whacked…case in point…when Colby was looking at all the tuxes on the mannequins he said “Where are your slightly overweight mannequins?”  The poor dad sitting in the room waiting to pay for the prom dress that his daughter was picking out, burst at the seems laughing!  Just keeping it real!  The poor Henry’s staff!  Just wait until ALL the groomsman are in the store ALL AT ONCE!  They’re in for a treat…just sayin’.

So another major wedding planning task is checked off the list.  What to do next, what to do next?  Hmmm…I still need to sew massive amounts of table runners…oh yeah…and learn to sew!

Pssst…I just want to shout out to all you Henry’s Bridal peeps how much we love working with you!  You have all been so helpful and made our wedding plans so much easier!  Thank you thank you thank you!


  1. OMG those are my bridesmaid dresses too! So cute! We are going for the Horizon color though. Lighter blue 🙂

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