Thank You Uncle Marcus

Last month, we received a little care package from Uncle Marcus (read about it back here) that was FULL of all sorts of (for lack of a better term) old stuff.  Both Colby and I loved the package and everything in it, and have recently started incorporating some of the items in our decor, like the cowbells in the freshly revamped entry.  Yesterday during the monsoon and crazy winds going on we heard a loud bang.  Flashbacks of last summer’s great tree crash at our neighbors house started racing through my head and both Colby and I ran to the front of the house expecting to have our porch taken out by the other neighbor’s tree.  So you can only imagine how excited we were that it was only the mailman and he had just stopped by delivering another package from Uncle Marcus!

Seriously?!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!  Thankfully, we had JUST mailed out a thank you note for the last package to Uncle Marcus that morning so watch for it in the mail!  The next one should in arrive in oh…say a month or two given our track record.  This time, the majority of objects in the box were linen related.  Hmmm…could someone be following the blog and see that I’m trying to get into sewing?  Perhaps!  But there were also some other neat items in the box including these…which I’m calling wall hangings.

I loved that Marcus sent a bunch of Vermont things.  And for any newbies to the blog…that’s where Colby comes from…dead center of Vermont in a small town called Rochester.  One of the Vermont items was this poster:

Which I can totally see myself using in the art gallery in the parlor.  And my most favorite item in the box….a Vermont tote bag:

Marcus left a note on the tote (hey….I’m a poet and I don’t know it) saying how I should turn the tote bag into a throw pillow!  Genius!  Exactly what I was thinking.  It’s like Marcus and I are right there!  But in all seriousness, I love the Vermont stuff and family heritage items that Marcus has sent us.  I feel so guilty sometimes (emphasis on sometimes…the guilt goes away quickly with a bowl of ice cream) because there’s so much “Angie” in the house and not enough “Colby”.  I try to incorporate Colby’s style and heritage, I really do, like the beer coaster art upstairs in the craft room and the Rochester poster in the art gallery.  So these items from Marcus will definitely be turned into some meaningful art and accessories for the home.  But back to the box and some of my other favorite items including these doilies:

Can’t you totally see those sewn together to make a table runner?  I do!  I do!  I’m pretty sure I’ve pinned something like that on Pinterest.  And then we found a little bag chock full of old baby stuff that actually belonged to Marcus and his sister.

So cute!  What was cuter was the note that Marcus left for us on the bag saying he wasn’t pushing us to have a baby…but…just in case.  I can just see those little booties framed up on the wall in a baby girl nursery.  I got a kick out of the “Baby Care Manual” too.

There were so many linens and fabrics and napkins and table runners, etc. in the box.  I have good intentions of using many of them…perhaps dying some to make them more colorful and us.  One of my favorites was this old coverlet.

It’s almost exactly what I envisioned for a day bed in our guest room.  That is if we ever decide to reclaim the guest room as a guest room and move our “walk-in closet” back into our room.  But more on that later…it’s about to become a reality!

Pssst…Again, another shout out to Uncle Marcus for such a great care package!  We love it sooooo much!  Thank you!


  1. Okay Marcus, the gloves are off. They will be getting a truck load of stuff from me now! I have been holding back, but no more Mr. Nice Guy.


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