Wedding Wednesday: Red Neck Wine Glasses

This Wedding Wednesday post is brought to you by the letter “R”…for redneck.  Oh…and essentially the best Christmas present ever!

Oh yes, these are Redneck Wine Glasses…aka…ball jars with a stem added to them.  My Aunt Pat gave Colby and I these at Christmas and I have to give her some serious props….these are awesome.  We’re definitely going to be incorporating these into our wedding….champagne flutes perhaps?  I think so!  The best part are their names.  Check this out:

My Aunt Pat totally hit the nail on the head with these glasses.  They’re perfect.  They capture the essence of our casual, BBQ bash.  That’s pretty much all I’ve got for for tonight.  Just consider it the calm before the storm.  Just wait…we’ve got some doozies for Wedding Wednesday posts coming up in the near future.  We’ve kicked it into high gear in this wedding planning business so watch out blog world.

Pssst…Excuse Wedding Wednesday for being a day late.  Ironically…I was up to my eyeballs in wedding planning!  Oh…and zumba class too.  I LOVE zumba class!  I can’t get enough.  My name is Angie…and I’m a zumba-aholic.


  1. OOoo! You mind-reader you! Shawn and I are going to make these for our head-table! lol In fact, we are going searching for glass glue this weekend.

    I see them everywhere now… 😀

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