Wedding Wednesday: Save The Dates

The highly anticipated, finally finished save the dates have officially gone in the mail and most recipients have received them.  There are still a few that we haven’t sent out since we’re still in the process of tracking down addresses….well…Colby is…all my addresses are in the database.  And a couple didn’t get sent out because of address typos and photography purposes.  But this weekend I’m planning on sending out the last few.  Without further ado, I bring you the save the date paper trail.

Looking back, I really wished I had cropped that picture above.  But anyway, what you’re looking at is our Red Sox themed save the date card (designed using InDesign) from here, wrapping paper lined envelopes from here, and hand crafted wrap around address labels.  I love our save the dates!  They’re so fun and so us!  And cheap!  I think the most expensive part was the stamps.  Seriously!

Let’s zoom in on the address labels a little bit because I haven’t blogged about those yet.  I made them myself using a combo of PhotoShop and InDesign.  I’m lucky that I have the Adobe Creative suite and am quite proficient at the programs due to my day job as a marketing director.  I drew out the graphics using PhotoShop and then merged the template with my mailing list using InDesign.  Afterwards, I printed the labels on a full sheet of sticker paper, which you can purchase at staples, and then cut out each label.  The process took awhile but I think it was well worth it.

The design combined with the “love” stamps is absolutely adorable and quite whimsical.  Okay, and since I’m “pretending” to be a photography I used two different backgrounds for shooting the save the dates.  Here’s setting number two.

You can kind of see the address labels better in these photos.  It’s more obvious that the label is a wraparound label, which is uber trendy these days.  For those of you unfamiliar with the wraparound label, the front of the label contains the recipient’s address and then the label wraps around to the back side where the return address is located.  I also created a little monogram for Colby and I.  Adorable, no?!

Okay, one more save the date photo and then I swear I’m done for tonight.

Ahhhhh.  I love our save the dates!  As we were assembling them (yes…you heard me correctly…we…Colby has been a big help which was a complete surprise to me), it started to get real.  I’m talking super real.  Just before I plopped the save the dates into the mail I remember thinking, this is it.  There’s no turning back now.  Things are booked, a dress is purchased, and now the save the date cards are going out in the mail.  We’re about to have ourselves a wedding!  And according to our Macy’s wedding registry, only 177 more days to go!

Pssst…I know I gushed enough yesterday about how awesome my new DSLR camera is but I’m going to reiterate it…it’s so awesome!  I’m surprised I didn’t post about 100 pictures of our save the dates.  I showed some SERIOUS restraint just posting six.  But enough about my silly camera before you guys slap me silly…what’s up with you all?  To our friends and family reading this…did you all get our save the dates?!  If not, hopefully they come soon!!

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