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I was really hoping to be able to give you all a big hallway floor refinishing reveal tonight, but alas, I have none such reveal.  In the history of floor refinishings, this floor has been the most dastardly.  After a solid week’s worth of work this is about how far I’ve come, after a fresh coat of poly on the “landing strip”:

At least it’s progress.  Maybe next week (fingers crossed) I’ll have a solid reveal post ready for you.  But until then, can we talk about the fabulousness that is coming about in the craft room?  After the we let the recently applied poly dry for a solid couple of days, the room was ready for setting up and not in a bad blind date kind of way.

See…Goose uses his floral bed…kind of.  When you tell Goose to go lie down, this is what he does.  Weird dog.  The old office space furniture was moved back into the room minus the filing cabinet, which used to live in this little corner.

And then came in all the crafty stuff, including my mom’s old sewing machine.  It’s kind of a mish mash of furniture and styles going on here but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  I’m a big believer in working with what we already have so the desk is my old apartment dwelling desk and the chair is chair number six of eight (four are at the dining room, one in the entry, and two are still on the front porch) from the dining room set.  For those just tuning in, a year ago I scored an antique Ethan Allen dining room set for only $200 bucks (you can read about the love affair with the table back here).  We’re talking table, two leaves, and EIGHT chairs!  Super score!

On the other side of the room is craft storage central.

I’m not totally digging the setup yet, I used whatever containers I had laying around and unused so it’s kind of pieced together but I’m hoping to bring a little cohesiveness to it in the near future.  Maybe some jars or bringing in some metal would help.  Oooooh…metal!  But it was nice to get all my craft supplies out of the basement, office, kitchen and other random places they might lie and lay them out in order.  The craziest part of this organization process was when I realized how much yarn I have!

I’m like some crazy yarn lady!  Most of the yarn is left over from old projects.  Why does it never seem to fail that you always need one more skein of yarn to finish a project but only about 8′ of it?!  I might yard sale some of my old yarn or come up with some new projects for it.  Can I also squeal a little about the wicked score on the extra large storage basket?!  It’s so Pottery Barn like and I actually bought it to store linens underneath our bathroom vanity.  Instead of spending hundreds, this beauty came home with me for only $30 at Home Goods in TJ Maxx.  I also scored this planter for $10 which I intended to use outdoors on the deck but ended up storing my lone roll of wrapping paper and some leftover cork.

But here’s my favorite part of craft room organization…these baskets.

From left to right you’ll find tapes and adhesives, paints/stamps/random painting supplies, fabric ribbon, and wrapping paper ribbon.  Oh…and the recently acquired glitter collection also has it’s own basket.  Which reminds me…I really should start that glittery Easter egg project I had been planning to do for a month now.  It’s not too late, right?!

So that’s the craft room organization system as of right now.  It’s still a bit disjointed with knitting needles in random places, mismatched baskets that don’t really go together, and color all over the place…why hello orange sewing box.  Hmmm…maybe it is a bad blind date after all!  But it’s a start.  Everything that needs to be in the room is there and organized.  I have to admit, I had a minor freak out moment about this room while setting it up.  I kept thinking the paint is all wrong, this shelf just doesn’t work, oh my gosh what have I done, this organizational system is whack!  You ever have those moments?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!  But now seeing all the pics I feel better about it.  Maybe it’s just because this room sat empty and pristine for so long that I’ve just become used to it.

Pssst…you can follow the craft room refresh project starting with a little curtain rod raising and then some trim/door polying.

Psssssst…I’m thinking it would be really neat if everyone shared their most recent freak out moment so we can have ourselves a little crazy fest!  Anyone else go nuts thinking they picked the wrong paint, like me?  I swear I have that moment at least once a week!


  1. Oh yeah, Angie — had a few of those paint colour ‘oh no’ moments. Years ago, I wanted to paint the main floor of my first house peach — as a blue lover & the mother of three boys, I definitely did not want pink. I picked peach, it certainly looked peach going up, but when the huge space was painted, I was horrified when we all looked around & said, IT’S PINK.

    It was too huge to change then, so we continued painting all the white trim in my fave — cream ivory. Amazingly, the peachy tones on the walls were pulled out & we were quite pleased with the final outcome.

    Again, after painting the blue at my current place, I found it was too turquoise when compared to the ocean outside my window. But thanks to experience, I’d only bought 1 gallon can [could have saved even more with a quart or tester can] so I could easily have the colour adjusted when I picked up the other cans.

    Love your wit & style!

    1. Phew! Glad I’m not the only one who has crazy, paint freak out moments. It always seems so hard to go from paint on a swatch to paint on a wall. And then how it plays so differently throughout the day. Thankfully, it’s just paint, and as frustrating as it can be sometimes, there’s always the repaint option. And I’m totally a blue lover too!

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