Where Did That RSVP Go?

For months, we’ve had stacks of RSVP cards from our wedding sitting around.  They sat around on our desk for awhile, then migrated to the table where they sat around some more, and finally sat for the last time inside a drawer in the parlor office space.

But I couldn’t bear the thought of the RSVP cards being cast to the drawer…out of sight…out of mind…all by their lonesome…in the dark.  I couldn’t sleep at night knowing our precious RSVP cards were in a sad and gloomy home.  Enter our guest book.

Our DIY wedding guest book was a big ol’ sketch book turned guest book.  So it had more than enough space to house both our guest messages and RSVP cards.  And they go so well together.  It’s a regular old peanut butter and jelly situation.  But since we printed our invitation suite on watercolor paper, the cards were a little on the thick side for the book.  Since adding 80 plus cards to the book would increase the poof factor of the book, I started the RSVP album project by ripping out all the excess pages from the guest book.

The guest book is a bound book but it was still pretty easy to remove excess pages.  Sets of about five to ten sheets of paper are sewn into the spine at a time.  I simply gathered small sets of pages and carefully ripped them out, trying not to rip the string binding the whole thing together.  After removing about half the pages of the book, it was looking much skinnier.

And because I couldn’t bear the thought of gluing the RSVP cards directly to the pages…you know…just in case I wanted to store them in a different way someday…I decided to use photo corners, which I picked up from AC Moore for about $3 (after using a 50% off coupon of course).

They were so easy to use.  Much easier than I had anticipated.  I just popped the photo corners on an RSVP card:

Moisten the backs of the photo corners using one of those sponge bottles, which was a lifesaver during operation invitation assembly:

And pressed the RSVP card adorned with the photo corners into the book, with two RSVPs on each side of a page.

I tried to be a little willy nilly with the placement of RSVP cards so everything wouldn’t line up perfectly, and that photo corners and RSVP cards would stagger, hopefully bring the potential poof factor down.  But even after removing pages and staggering cards, there was still some poof going on.

It gets worse when the book just lays flat on a table.

But everything fits and the book sits proudly on a shelf above our desks in the parlor.  See it there between the magazine holders and the aqua boxes?  It’s there I swear!

Here’s a closeup:

The RSVP cards are much happier these days sitting in a book up on the shelf.  I know…they whispered it too me.  And Colby and I can take the book down anytime we please and flip through the pages are read all the odd…I mean…sweet comments.  And there are some DOOZIES in that book!  You know who you are!

Pssst…So what’s going on in your neck of the woods?  Any organizational projects going on?  Anyone else flip through their wedding RSVP cards and guest book?  Does that ever get old?!


  1. I love the stuff you do! All my friends seem to be having babies lately so I only have time to cook and knit baby blankets lol

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