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Throwback Tuesday: Neon Nightstand

The neon nighstand’s gots to go!

But it’s not going down without a few tears…actually…no not really.  It’s just that this nightstand has been with me, and that color, for a LONG time.  We’re talking circa 1998 here.  The nightstand was one of the crowning achievements of my high school bedroom, which I decorated myself in technicolor, during my freshman year of high school.  I’m not kidding when I say my high school room was technicolor.  We’re talking orange walls, yellow ceiling, and pops of neon yellow, green and blue as accent colors.  Oh…and a rainbow blanket and some plaid curtains rounding it out.  Don’t believe?!  Well it’s throwback day so check out the hot mess for yourself:

Yes…those are beaded curtains and Coke lights.  Aren’t you glad my style has evolved a little bit since high school?!  Anyway…did you notice the green/blue neon nightstand in my high school bedroom?  The poor guy has been with me through more moves than I can count on two hands but has yet to be painted.

So I’m dubbing it time…time to finally give that sucker a new outfit.  I’ve been going back and forth about what color to paint him, but here’s what I’m thinking:

A mustard yellow would be a nice little accent color to go with the soft neutrals in the room and the wedding table number art that we hung on the wall.  The red was my first instinct and the color of choice for the nightstand in my original master bedroom mood board.  And the army green color is a deeper tone than the Valspar Ante Meridian wall color for a tone on tone action.  I’m seriously leaning red…serious like a librarian about the quietness level serious.  Those librarians mean business!  But seriously, what do you think?!

Pssst…So it’s heart to heart time.  Sunday night we had a bit of a “down boy” moment as in the blog went down for a decent amount of time.  Turns out it was thanks to my BlueHost server being down.  Anyway, long story short, I was up WAY too late trying to figure out what was wrong, freaking out that my entire blog was gone, and general spazzing.  Not one of my finer moments.  I forget sometimes that this blog is a HOBBY not my job.  Anyway, I’ve decided to take a day off from blogging here or there so if I skip a day once in awhile, don’t worry!  I’m still here!  I’m just taking a little more time to cook amazing meals for the hubby, read a few more books, and go for more Goose runs/walks.  I can’t quit the blog…it’s too much fun…but I’ll probably be cutting back a bit!  So…..anyway….please keep reading!  I love you, my dear readers, and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!  Was that sappy enough for you?!  Should I throw in a few sappy words for sap’s sake?!  Sweetie, snookums, apple of my eye, dearest, puppy love, honeybunch.  How’s that?!


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