Building Laundry Room Shelving

First, thank you all for the sweet comments about our latest news.  We’re oh so excited about our new adventure in Vermont and even closer to being home owners again (inspections went well and the appraisal is Monday).  Until those keys are in our hands, we’re finishing up a few project posts from our former house in Maine and also officially saying goodbye to our first home love by doing a room by room before and after recap (we spent about three months knocking out projects to get the house ready for sale but didn’t really do a good job about documenting it here on the blog).  One of those projects that we finished last summer/fall was our laundry room.  When we last left off on the laundry room project, we had demoed the space and installed a planked ceiling.  Next up wall storage shelves and a shelf for above the washer and dryer for folding.

Bright White And Rustic Wood Laundry Room

We built all the shelves in this space which cost us next to nothing, added tons of storage and made the room much more functional.  We’re talking no more lost socks behind the machines while folding functional.  And it has been soooo nice not to go sock diving behind the washer anymore.

Bright White And Rustic Wood Laundry Room

The first shelf we built was a large shelf over the top of the washer and dryer to be used as a folding surface.  My go to wood these days for anything rustic is framing lumber.  It’s cheap, looks great stained, and adds rustic charm to just about any space.  We bought one sixteen foot 2″ x 12″ framing lumber board since the space was only five feet wide.  Then cut the plank into three planks and fitted them into the space.

Fitting Framing Lumber For Folding Shelf

Once the boards were fitted into the room, it was apparent how unsquare the laundry room really was.  Typical old home.  We decided at this point to trim all the board ends.  By trimming them, it lined up all the boards to give the illusion of squareness but also made it much easier to pull out the boards/put them back in should we need to get behind the appliances.  So we chalked a line then trimmed the boards.

Cutting Framing Lumber

It didn’t seem like the best idea to rest the boards directly onto the appliances, you know, for appliance shakage reasoning.  So we cut a couple of shelf brackets for the shelf to rest on, stained them, and screwed them directly into the studs of the wall.

Screwing Folding Shelf Supports To Wall

We then gave the boards a quick sand, stain (Minwax Classic American), and poly job and they were looking a bit more polished.  Ignore the shelves on the wall.  We’ll get to that shortly.  Typical us tackling multiple projects simultaneously.  Hashtag gluttons for punishment.  But you see that gap?  The one on the left?

Installing Laundry Room Shelves

And gap solved:

Laundry Room Folding Shelf Wedges

We built a couple of wedges with some end caps to wedge down into the gap.  They fit tight enough in there so the boards wouldn’t slide around and also created a nice finished edge.  We later decided to screw down the wedges, one screw on each side, to make certain the boards would remain in place.

Rustic Wood Laundry Room Folding Shelf

Next up, wall shelves.  These were simple to make and consisted of a few pieces of 1″ x 12″ pine that we primed and painted.

Pre Painting Laundry Room Shelves

Then simply screwed in a pair of vintage shelf brackets that we had picked up a flea market a few summers ago.

Attaching Rustic Brackets To Laundry Room Shelves

Simple 5′ shelf build that took us a few hours to create.

Attaching Rustic Brackets To Laundry Room Shelves

We always like to hang shelving into studs so out came the stud finder the and laser level to help mark the stud locations.  Then the shelves were screwed directly into the wall using some leftover sheetrock screws (Colby’s go-to).

Using A Laser Level To Show Studs

I dreamed of peg storage shelves so I picked up a small package of wooden pegs at Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks and painted them white to match the shelves.

Wooden Pegs From Hobby Lobby

We filled the sheetrock screw holes with putty, sanded them down, and painted over the screws.  Then drilled a few equidistant holes into the back of the shelf and glued in the shelf pegs.

Laundry Room Storage Shelves

While Colby was finishing up the shelf install, I hopped in the truck and sped down the road, tires squealing, to get to Home Goods as fast as possible to pick up some baskets and cuter cleaning supplies for the new open shelving.  We’re talking feather duster and white dust pan cute.  Because when your cleaning tools are cute and they’re easier to grab, you’re house magically gets cleaned, right?!  Hashtag dream on.

Bright White And Rustic Wood Laundry Room

We did make a few more tweaks to the laundry room and replaced the floor with wide pine, but I’ll share those updates later this week when I recap the laundry room with the big before/after post.  Stay tuned.

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7 Comment

  1. Rebecca says:

    This looks great! Can you provide a list of everything you got to do the folding table?

    1. Angie says:

      Certainly! It’s just framing lumber planks that we cut down to size, long screws, Minwax Early American stain, and some poly.

  2. Ariana says:

    I love this so so much. When the time comes for my laundry room make over I will be copying this counter top idea. Hopefully I can share how much of a success it was with you xx Ari xx

    1. Angie says:

      Awww…thanks! And do share your results with us when you get around to your laundry room makeover!

  3. Nichola Derksen says:

    Did you have any moisture issues with the wood counter being over the washer?

    1. Angie says:

      No, we haven’t had any moisture issues at all. But we do have a super dry house!

  4. Audrey says:

    This looks beautiful! I would love to do a version of this in my little mudroom/laundry area, but I don’t know how it could work for my space. In addition to the washer and dryer, I also have a laundry sink right next to them. Any thoughts on how to support the folding surface when I don’t want to cover the sink by going all the way to the right side wall? The space is pretty tight in between everything.

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