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Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas And Samples For A Girls’ Shared Room

The peel-and-stick wallpaper samples for the girls’ shared bedroom design are here and today, I’m taking you on a little wallpaper fashion show along with exploring some of our bedroom wallpaper ideas for the girls.

Bedroom wallpaper ideas for a girls shared bedroom featuring colorful patterns with dogs, cheetahs, jaguars, flowers, fish, glitter, and more

In a future post, I’ll take you through the process we went through for picking the wallpaper from an overwhelming amount of options, down to seven samples, to selecting the right pattern for both the girls and for me. But we’re not there yet. Deliberations continue. We may emerge with a verdict by the end of the week.

We poured over all the different patterns and colors to find the right wallpaper for the girls. From geometric patterns to floral wallpaper, neutral shades to vibrant colors, a subtle pattern to over the top, and even some metallic wallpaper. We left no stone unturned when it came to exploring wallpaper design options to cover the girls’ bedroom walls.

The only restriction we placed on our choices was to find a wallpaper that would go with the current color scheme of pink, blue, and mustard yellow. The colors are pulled from the things we plan to keep in their room: the rug, curtains, and (fingers crossed) the paint colors. More details can be found in the girls’ shared bedroom designs including the colour schemes we’re planning.

Girls shared room design plan featured image with bunk beds, chambray curtains, bold wallpaper, patterned bedding, shag rug, jenny lind dresser, a dog lamp and more

Where To Buy The Perfect Wallpaper?

One thing we did do to help us narrow down our wallpaper options was to choose just one vendor to purchase from. There are so, SO many beautiful places to purchase wallpaper, some specializing in traditional wallpaper, chinoiserie wallpaper, or even wallpaper mural designs.

I wanted to keep things as simple as possible and decided up front that our wallpaper would come from Spoonflower. Shameless, unsponsored plug for Spoonflower here. Their design options are vast with many perfect bedroom wallpaper options for kids. The kicker for me is that Spoonflower supports independent artists. So when we choose our wallpaper and purchase it, the artist who designed the pattern receives a 10% royalty.

Black and white dog wallpaper sample from spoonflower propped up against a wall in a girls pink bedroom

One of the artists even sent me a sweet thank you message after I ordered a sample of their pattern! It’s one place I can purchase from that makes me feel better than buying something from Amazon yet again.

Now, let’s get to the wallpaper options.

Bold Wallpaper Samples

Here are the wallpaper ideas for the girls’ room that we’re considering:

Glitter lilac wallpaper sample from Spoonflower

Option 1: Glitter Lilac Wallpaper

This glitter lilac wallpaper was designed by Katie Morrison. This was one of the designs that Rowan LOVED but I wasn’t too crazy about. It’s such a bold pattern and of all the wallpaper options, I feel it doesn’t go that great with the blue, chambray curtains we’re trying to keep. But it’s a Rowan front runner for sure.

Jungle trek tiger wallpaper sample from Spoonflower

Option 2: Jungle Trek Tiger Wallpaper

This jungle trek tiger wallpaper design by Kristina Forrest is adorable. All of Kristina’s designs are so whimsical. I’m a big fan. Rowan is going through a jungle cats phase (as you will notice) and this was one of her favorites. I love the mix of colors in this pattern.

Black and white doodle dogs wallpaper sample from Spoonflower

Option 3: Black And White Doodle Dogs

This black and white doodle dogs wallpaper design by Shelly Turner appeals to Rowan’s dog-loving side. When this sample arrived, the first thing Ro asked was if she could color it. Hmmmm…now that’s something I hadn’t thought of. I wasn’t originally a fan of this white wallpaper, but if it’s colorable that might be fun.

Moody whimsical flowers wallpaper sample from Spoonflower

Option 4: Moody Whimsical Flowers

This moody whimsical flowers wallpaper design by Uttama Sharma has my heartstrings and bonus that Rowan loves it too. I love floral designs, especially moody floral patterns and this one is whimsical enough to be a fun pattern choice for a kids’ room.

Marine friends wallpaper sample in carnation and ivory from Spoonflower

Option 5: Marine Friends Carnation Ivory

This marine friends carnation ivory wallpaper design by Andrea Ninno is Bea’s choice. Yes, even two-year-olds have preferences. The fish and marine animals are a work of art in a fun way and perfect for a kids’ bedroom. Bea is obsessed with fish so this was a great choice for her.

Cheetah pink wallpaper sample from Spoonflower

Option 6: Cheetah Pink

This cheetah pink wallpaper design by Maria Galybina is the most stunning cheetah design we found and one of a few bold choices. While I vetoed straight animal prints, Rowan and I compromised on this cheetah jungle print with many pinks. It has hints of tropical prints in a nontraditional way. This wallpaper would be stunning covering a whole room or even as a feature wall.

Tea time in wonderland wallpaper sample from Spoonflower

Option 7: Tea Time In Wonderland

And finally, this tea time in wonderland wallpaper design by Helen Pasternak. This wallpaper didn’t make our initial cut of six. But it was one of my personal preferences and I used it to make a mock-up of the girls’ room design. I love the dark colors paired with the light pink walls in the room. Rowan fell in love with it (I swear I didn’t coerce her!) and asked if we could also purchase this sample. Sold!

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas For Installation

While deciding which wallpaper we want to purchase for the girls’ bedroom, we also need to decide how we want to install it. We have three bedroom wallpaper ideas for installation we’re exploring, although I think I know which way we’re leaning.

Wallpaper The Whole Space

Option one is to wallpaper the entire room. We’re talking from baseboards to ceiling, all the way around the room.

Photoshop sketch of a girls' bedroom with bunkbeds with the entire room wallpapered

Pros for wallpapering the whole room:

  • Great way to add bigtime visual interest
  • Simple installation
  • No need to pair it with the right paint color or repaint the room to coordinate

Cons for wallpapering the whole room:

  • Much more expensive
  • Walls get more dinged by kids on the lower half

Wallpaper Upper Half Of Room

The option we’re leaning towards is to install a scallop chair rail around the room and only wallpaper the top half of the room.

Photoshop sketch of a girls' bedroom with bunkbeds and the top half of the room wallpapered

Pros for wallpapering the upper half:

  • Less money spent on wallpaper
  • Can do something fun with the chair rail

Cons for wallpapering the upper half:

  • Extra cost of purchasing and installing a chair rail
  • Either try to coordinate wallpaper with the current wall paint or will need to repaint the room

Feature Wallpaper On A Single Wall

The third option is to only apply the wallpaper to one wall and create a feature wall. This is our least likely option as the girls’ space doesn’t lend itself well to having a bedroom accent wall. There’s so much going on in their room: two doors, three windows, and big furniture. There’s little space where an accent wall would make sense and be visible.

Photoshop sketch of a girls' bedroom with bunkbeds and a single wall covered in wallpaper

Pros for a wallpaper accent wall:

  • Saves money on purchasing wallpaper
  • Easy way to install since we could choose a windowless wall for fewer cuts
  • Can be an excellent focal point

Cons for a wallpaper accent wall:

  • There isn’t a good focal wall in the girls’ room
  • Most of the space is broken up by furniture
  • Accent walls can seem disjointed if not done well

Bedroom Project Next Steps

Our next big step in the girls’ bedroom project is to decide on the right wallpaper design. There is a perfect choice among these samples, we just have to come to a consensus. AND Rowan’s top three change drastically on a daily basis.

Testing out cheetah wallpaper sample from Spoonflower in a girls shared bedroom with pink walls and white trim

We’ll spend the next week testing them and mocking up some designs with the front runners of the bedroom wallpaper ideas. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to order when the next Spoonflower wallpaper sale comes along.

Other tasks on our list include:

  • Install crown molding
  • Design the bunk beds
  • Build bunk beds
  • Purchase new mattresses

Stay tuned for more girls shared bedroom updates and projects.

Pssst…Random sidenote about Spoonflower wallpaper. At the time of writing this post, if you sign up for their emails and text messages, you get a coupon for three free wallpaper samples. SO worth it!

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