Blogiversary III: Blogging By The Numbers

As if I don’t get enough web stats and analytics during the work day (I’m a marketer by day and blogger by night), we’re gonna nerd out on you on the blog this evening with a little statistical analysis.  Wait…don’t go…these are fun stats!  So instead of marketing stats like average time on site, click through percentage and average cost per impression, we’re bringing you average beer consumption, total number of posts, average post word count, and number of cookies Goose has consumed.  See…we’re having fun over here.

Printing Block Numbers

557 – Number of posts we’ve amassed in our three years of blogging, not bad for a couple of part timers (wowsers!  And you’re still with us?!  We haven’t scared you off yet?!)

367,255 – Total number of words written to date

659 – Average number of words per post

3,408 – Lovely comments from all of you dear readers (warning….sappy alert…if it wasn’t for all of you we probably still wouldn’t be here chronicling our DIY journey)

1,761 – Number of comments caught in our spam filter (here’s to you Akismet…if it wasn’t for you I would be single handedly taking taking out all those spammers John McClain style, baseball bat in hand cuz “someone gonna get hurt a real bad” and by someone I really mean the spammer computers…Office Space style)

16 – Number of plants I’ve killed

2 – Number of plants that are currently on the verge of death (have I mentioned that my thumb is black?!)

41 – Trips to the lumber yard

12 – Trips to the lumber yard since opening up the Etsy shop a few weeks ago

1 – Lamps broken

13,871 – Goose cookies tossed and consumed (Goose is a machine and tracks down every…single…cookie that I hide or toss for Goose cookie loving fun)

3 – Sheets eaten by our old washing machine in two and a half years

0 – Sheets eaten by our new washing machine in (almost) a year

3 – Times I have actually sat down and used the craft room, but it sure is pretty! (this is changing…I’ve been using it alot more lately as I’ve been converting it into Etsy base camp)

4 – Rank of the word “Colby” in post popularity (just behind “just”, “room” and “like”…I’ve used the word “Colby” approximately 698 times)

17 – Where Goose ranks in word usage popularity

2 – Days the blog was down all day because I “tried something” in html code

16 – House guests we’ve housed without a proper guest room

1 – House guests we’ve housed from across the pond

1 – Glossy magazine has contacted us about doing a feature (I can’t wait to spill the beans on this one…it was supposed to happen in June but didn’t make it…fingers crossed for July!)

1 – Reporter who has contacted us to write an article about one of our projects and submit it to the “wire” (essentially the AP for magazines)

112 – Blogs I subscribe to (And finding new favorites regularly…I may have a problem)

29 – Cases of Sam Summer (our project beer of choice) we’ve drank

13 – Cases of Sam Summer we drank in just the first summer of house project madness

2,369 – Words in our wordiest post “What We Did In Puerto Rico

122 – Words in our shortest post “Merry Christmas From Angie’s Roost

51.5 – Pounds that Goose weighs

8 – Pounds that the average human head weighs (according to the knowledgeable little boy on Jerry Maguire)

3 – Number of blog themes I’ve been through, and I’m already getting the itch for a new one with a responsive theme (one that conforms to smart phones and tablets)

So there you have it, a little breakdown of where we’ve been, numbers wise, with the blog and house projects over the last three years.  I still can’t believe we’ve kept up with this for three years!  I tend to be the person who gets bored with something and ditches it for something new and exciting (Except you Colby, baby…no worries….I’m not ditching you…just thought I should clarify for you).  Although I haven’t been terribly serious about blogging until the last year or two.  I consider the first year a wash since I was working full time and working on my MBA.  Needless to say…I was busy.  But blogging and house projects have always been a fun hobby of ours so here’s to lots more to come in the next year!  Maybe next year I’ll do another post like this and make one of those cool “by the numbers” word art graphics to visually display all our stats (cough cough…nerd…cough cough).

Pssst…How about you guys?  Do you count things?  Or find great pleasure in nerding out with stats?  Or enjoy random fun facts (like how much the human head weighs)?

Pssst…And we’re logging in slightly above average with this post clocking in at 769 words.


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