Merry Christmas From Angie’s Roost

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you spent some serious time with all your families, ate too much of mom’s cooking, and made the nice list so Santa brought you something special (he sure did spoil me).  Christmas this year snuck up on me like Batman in the shadows.  I couldn’t believe how fast the Christmas season went by!  I’m a little late getting this post to you, but as promised, I’ll give you a little behind the scenes tour of our holiday home, and some of our Christmas 2011 moments.  First, this was the first year we decorated the outside of the house.

The decorations included three clearance Target wreaths (I got them last year at a post Christmas sale), some basic garland, twinkle lights, and extra large bows.

Don’t you love that it was snowing while I took those pictures!  I also took a few at night.

And then of course there is the Christmas tree all decorated.

The Christmas tree is extra special to me.  While I’m totally jealous of all those bloggers out there who switch up their tree theme every year, mine stays the same.  You see, it’s covered in the Hallmark Mary’s Angels ornaments.  My family started purchasing the angel ornaments for me back when I was a youngin’ (only 2 years old) and my grandma continues to get me the new Mary’s Angels ornament every year (I believe this year was year number 26).  Thus, my tree is extra special to me and reminds me of my family.  The rest of the decorations on the tree are hand me downs from my parents.  Here is the tree also looking extra pretty at night.

And did you notice the Christmas train surrounding the tree?

That’s also a hand me down.  My brother and I each had a Christmas train growing up.  We used to run these trains around and around and around and around the Bohovich family home back when we were wee ones.  I’m not gonna lie…I still like to do a few laps for old time’s sake.  And now here’s a view of the tree from the living room.

And a view of the living room (look real close and see the gold garland hanging from the deer heads).

And here’s a view of the stairs looking down towards the dining room.

Two of the stockings were new this year courtesy of Colby’s mom.  We’ve now officially upgraded from the cheap, one dollar felt stockings from the local dollar store.  And here’s the dining room.

My favorite part of the dining room is the ornaments hanging from the window.  They’re so pretty and I’m definitely doing this every year.  In fact, I’m saving the ribbon with the ornaments attached to easily hang these next year.

And one of my favorite areas is the kitchen window sill, overlooking the back yard.

I love mixing the Christmas decorations with our regular, everyday decor like the plants and the lanterns.  And now for my favorite Christmas decor item…a ceramic Christmas home.

This home has a story.  First, my grandmother made it back before I was born.  Second, my grandma gave it to me this Christmas season.  Third, you see those little lights on the tree and on the eaves of the house?  When I was a six or seven year old, I used to spend hours, and I mean HOURS, rearranging those pegs…taking the pegs out…putting the pegs back in…taking the pegs out…putting the pegs back in.  You get my point?  I was a special child.  Ok…one more story for you this evening.  It concerns Christmas presents.

So check out the presents in the foreground…I wrapped those.  Then check out the presents in the background…Colby wrapped them.  I caught Colby mid-wrap action down in his basement workshop.  He had a roll of wrapping paper which he was rolling out onto his work bench, cutting with a sheet rock knife (no joke…you can’t make this stuff up), and then rolled the paper around the presents and taped.  Regardless…Goose enjoyed his presents.

We made him sit and stay before he was allowed to unwrap it.

Goose loves wrapping paper.  Almost as much as he loves bones.  Oh…and we even found some time to recreate a scene from one of our favorite Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation.

Doesn’t Colby look like uncle Eddy in this getup?  I think we may have our Christmas card photo right here.

Pssst…So how was everyone’s Christmas?  Ours was fabulous as always!  Oh…and I need to mention that my mom gave me a set of pink…yes pink…tools in a tool bag!  Combine that with the flowery tools from Colby’s mom and I’ll be styling!  Be sure to look for them as our home improvement projects pick back up again.

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