Bomb’s Away

This past weekend, Colby’s cousin Eric and his wife Jen came up offering us some free labor.  We’re not gonna lie…we were quite excited not only to see them but to take advantage of their construction skills.  Many projects were conquered this weekend including lime green dishwasher removal, shower caddy installation, fire pit building, bathroom painting, and more.  My favorite task completed…old bathroom tub removal.  The old pink, cast iron tub was a monster.  It was insanely heavy and did not seem to want to depart from it’s home for the past fifty years.  Colby has tried to break it up with a sledge hammer (which didn’t work), move it (which didn’t work), and cut it into pieces with a Sawzall (which didn’t work).  When Colby and Eric’s powers combine…a tub gets thrown out the second floor window.  Here is the documentation of the shenanigans!

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