Zen Amongst Chaos

This week we have officially begun the move in process.  I have to admit, I do love moving, mostly the packing part, but it is pretty exciting.  However, this move has been a bit more complicated due to the massive construction zone that we’re moving into.  In this post, I would like to introduce you to the peaceful sanctuary amongst the mess that has been my project for the past couple of weeks.  Welcome to my somewhat remodeled living room!  Below are a couple of pictures of the place including a before picture, renovation pictures, and a couple of pictures with some furniture in it.  Note: the renovation process included removing lots of wallpaper/paneling, skim coating all the walls (I went through about 7 gallons of mud), sanding (I came home looking like an old lady most nights…so much white hair), painting, carpet removal, and removing hundreds upon hundreds of carpet staples.  Seriously….were that many staples really necessary?!  But the finished product looks great.  The living room floor was in exceptional condition, no refinishing needed.  The only thing left to do, other than unpack, is to finish the trim.  Here is the oasis!


  1. Hi Angie & Colby:

    Awesome house. It will be fantastic looking when it is completed. I know what the feeling was when you signed the papers and the house was yours. I remember mine like it was yesterday. We had rented for 29 years. My favorite part of the house would be that lovely porch. I would be sitting out there all day rocking or swinging.
    You and Colby are doing a great job in fixing the house up. Congratulations on your new home, I am happy for both of you. I bet you did look like an old lady like your 85 year old white haired grandma. Thank you for the mother’s day card and thank you for keeping me posted on the blog. I love it.

    Love you both

    1. Thanks grandma! It definitely was a really good feeling to sign those papers, and that was only after six years of renting. I can’t imagine how it felt after 29 years! I love the porch too and I can’t wait to fix it up. Unfortunately it’s the current spot for construction debris to be thrown before it goes to the dump but soon enough we’ll fix that area up too. Then you can come down to visit we’ll have to hang out on the porch with our glasses of iced tea!

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