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Man vs. Fire

“Men are here…we make fire…cook meat…then put out fire by peeing…no get invited back.”  (A Joey & Chandler quote from Friends)  This past weekend was a great weekend for fire pit building.  Eric and Colby spent their Saturday afternoon with a beer in one hand and a brick in the other until the absolute perfect fire pit was built.  Eric was clutch.  He designed the thing based on a picture I showed him and the random bricks they dug out from the basement.  I couldn’t have asked for a better fire pit.  Now I just need Colby to build me a patio to go with it!  Of course we ended up testing out the fire pit that night at about 1 a.m., which is after all, the prime gather around the fire pit hour.  We filled the pit with construction debris and lit it on fire.  Our one mistake…fake wood paneling does not smell very good when burned!

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