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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a live report from Angie & Colby’s bathroom.  Rumor has it that Colby broke, I repeat, broke the toilet seat.  And we have confirmation from an eye witness that yes indeed, Colby did break the toilet seat:

See…I told you so.  But to give Colby some credit, the toilet seat has been a ticking time bomb since we moved in.  Its hinges have always swayed back and forth so it just took one large sway and one sit for it to snap.  Thus it was off to Lowes for Colby to pick up a new one.  He also purchased a few other bathroom necessities while he was out:

Hmmm…a sense a de-stinkify theme!  I am proud to introduce you to the Xcite 3000 (not really a “3000”…I made that up for dramatic flair) toilet seat by Church.  With its easy to clean one-piece design, secure, stable fit, and smooth hygienic design it was the perfect complement for our toilet bowl.

After going over the installation instructions, it was time for the Xcite to become our new, non-snapped in half, toilet seat.

The installation process was extremely simple, so simple a caveman could do it, or even a Colby.  It involved snapping off the old seat:

Removing the old screws and hardware:

And attaching the new seat with the new set of screws:

Voila!  Brand new toilet seat:

Now…normally I would insert a few make fun of Colby one-liners or snippets, especially given the circumstances (must…mock…Colby!).  But I promised not to and I’m trying to be a good girlfriend today so when I need something later!  Like benches for the kitchen!

Pssst…does this qualify for the most random blog post topic ever?  Do you think that award includes a trophy?  I sure do like trophies!  Happy (almost) weekend to you all!

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