Dining Room Caulk Talk

I can hardly believe this, but I do not have a single caulk joke to open with.  Not one.  I’m empty, like an empty vase (remember that Friends episode where the Latin line cook wrote a poem for Monica titled the “Empty Vase”?  And she was really dense about poetry and didn’t understand it?  No?  Just me?  Cough…Friends freak…cough cough).  So I believe the term you were looking for is….anyway.  Back to the dining room trim.  After a brief jaunt in the county to visit my folks I returned to one massive caulk project (there we go…bingo…ding ding ding…we have a winner).

The next step in the dining room trim project was to caulk all the seams in the place.  In the official “Trim Painting Guide” by Angie (there really is no such thing so put your Kindle down) I like to first install the trim, then punch in the trim nails, fill the nail holes with wood putty, sand down all the patched areas, layer on two coats of white primer, caulk any gaps, and finish with two coats of glossy white paint.  Thus, next up was to caulk all the trim in the dining room.

I’m a big fan of caulking trim.  It gives it such a nice, seamless, finished look.  I don’t have a step by step process for you, but it’s really simple.  Anyplace that looks like this needs to be caulked:

Anywhere the paint just doesn’t cover up the gap between boards, just give it a nice and smooth, thin bead of white paintable caulking.  Then just take your index finger, and run it along the seam to smooth it out:

It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes in the professionalistic look of the trim.  Maybe that’s the secret of the pros?  I spent the afternoon caulking away and only managed to finish the trim around the window.  For me, I prefer working the caulk in stages.  It’s not my favorite project so small bites make it more manageable (hehehehehe….says my inner thirteen year old boy).  One section of trim caulking done, about three more to go!  I don’t know if we have enough caulk to go around!  Hmmm…might have to go to the store to get more!

Pssst…I promise this is the last “caulk” post.  Well, maybe not.  It’s kind of fun.

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