Bringing Home The Dining Room Plant

Because I just can’t bear the thought of doing any painting right now, I bring you a quick fix, plant as decoration project.  And I use the term “project” very loosely here since this “project” simply required a quick trip to Lowes and some quick setting up.  So yesterday, when I was blogging about the dining room ceiling medallion, and sorting through the pics of the space, I was starting to really miss having that Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the corner of the room (check that post out back here).  And knowing that Lowes was having a sale on house plants, I embarked upon the five minute journey to the store and retrieved this guy:

Oh, and this guy too:

I’ve always wanted a plant stand.  I think they’re adorable, especially when they’re clustered together in groups of twos or threes with vine-ie plants cascading down them and some spiky plants mixed in there.  Is it painfully obvious that I am not a horticulturist?  Plants are just not my strong suit.  Thus, why this plant, which is an Aboricola, is VERY tolerant.  It even says so on the tag:

I know it’s hard to read, but trust me, it says “tolerant” on that tag.  In fact I cruised around and around the sale plants at Lowes until I found one that said it was “tolerant”.  I’m not very good with plants.  I tend to forget to water them until they droop pretty considerably.  Somehow, I’ve managed to keep five of them alive in the house and this guy marks number six.  I think I’m getting better at tending to my plants.  In fact, I even considered for a nano second, getting a clearance plant at Lowes.  You know, the ones that are already half dead and marked down considerably.  I thought I could save it.  Be the hero.  But then I realized that it would be a losing battle and moved on.  So I set the dynamic duo up in the corner of the dining room, underneath the chalkboard that STILL says “Merry Christmas”.

Let’s zoom it in for a closer look.

The plant is still in its original, just came home from the store container.  I have a bunch of plant pots, one of which is glossy white and the perfect size for this guy to call home.  However, said pot lives in the shed for the winter and our yard is looking like this these days:

Contrary to popular belief, I do live in Maine, central Maine in fact.  And it is the middle of January and it was 50 degrees outside today!  Granted, it made for some good weather for a nice little evening Goose run, but come on!  I want the snow, and the cold!  I miss snow shoeing and skiing, boy do I miss skiing!  I’ll trade in my muddy mess any day for a day on the slopes.  Apparently, old man weather forgot to send winter our way this year and we’re stuck in perma-spring.  Alas, until the ground freezes I’m going nowhere near that shed in search of a pot.  It’s a mud slick.  Anywho, the dining room is looking awfully cute with an adorable little plant in the corner and I’m uber ecstatic about having a new plant in our home.

I know it’s a little dark and hard to see the plant.  I’m still learning how to photograph this room properly with a ginormous window in the background.  I’ll figure it out someday.

Pssst…So I learned about something really cool today and I’ve wasted a good majority of my time this evening working on it.  I can’t tell you what it is or even hint at it for fear of Colby finding out.  It’s going to be his Valentine’s Day present this year and he mustn’t know.  It’s KILLING me not being able to tell.  This is helping, but I know what you’re thinking, “mean blogger….don’t tease us like this.”  Okay, in reality you guys are like, “sheesh, we don’t care” but in my mind it’s killing you not knowing as much as it’s killing me not telling.  Haha…welcome to my mind…it’s a scary scary place somedays…when it’s not full of lists.

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